The 2017 Fuller Challenge presents the opportunity to win the $100,000 grand prize for the 10th anniversary of this unique program. By entering, your project will be vetted by a world-class team of experts and advisors. In addition to the grand prize, your initiative will be considered for additional benefits and special opportunities that have been offered to hundreds of entrants in the past decade. Every year, the top 20% of Challenge entrants are invited to join the Catalyst Program, which opens the door to pro-bono legal services, press coverage, access to BFI's expansive network, as well as opportunities for additional funding, support, and fast-track entry to other accelerator programs through our organizational partners.

Catalyst Program benefits may include:

  • Showcasing your news to BFI's network through our monthly newsletter, Trimtab, and social media outlets
  • Presentation to BFI's bureau of press contacts to promote coverage of your work
  • Pro-bono legal assistance via BFI's referral process with the Thomson Reuters Foundation's global TrustLaw program.
  • Referral for inclusion in dMASS Inc.'s depository of innovations, which facilitates the relationship between innovators and investors
  • Automatic nomination to the Katerva Awards, for which BFI serves as a global spotter
  • Fast-track to semi-finalist status in GoodCompany Venture's Climate Ventures 2.0 accelerator program
  • Nomination as Echoing Green Fellows each year in fulfillment of BFI's Fast Track partnership with Echoing Green
  • Referral for inclusion in Technology Exchange Lab's depository of appropriate technology solutions for issues of poverty
  • An invitation to present their work at future Bioneers Conferences with BFI (see 2016 Fuller Challenge winner Bren Smith's keynote speech here!)
  • The opportunity for additional funding through our Catalyst Program partners. Past funders have included Interface, the Northwest Area Foundation, the Surdna Foundation, and World Centric.

To learn more about the Catalyst Program, visit our website or contact [email protected]. You can also learn more about the Fuller Challenge by listening to a recording of this week's webinar, during which BFI staff provide an introduction to the criteria and entry process.

Read our Call for Proposals and Application Questions now! Then answer Buckminster Fuller's call to "make the world work for 100% of humanity..." by submitting your visionary solution, strategy, or model to the 2017 Fuller Challenge – or spread the word by forwarding the Call for Proposals to your networks.


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