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“Whether we are able to be a complete success or failure is in such critical balance that every smallest human test of INTEGRITY every smallest moment-to-moment decision tips the scales affirmatively or negatively.” – Fuller

Bucky’s designs were based on nature’s design. The same fundamental principles that are used in building at the nano, micro and macro scales of the universe are the same principles that led him to design the geodesic dome, dymaxion car, and dozens of his other artifacts (and why carbon 60 was posthumously named the “Buckyball” after Bucky).

In that same vein of reverence for nature’s design, BFI is thrilled to announce a new JITTERBUG – a toy for all ages. It elegantly demonstrates the integrity of universal geometric relationships in an entertaining educational device that can also be worn as a bracelet. We are thrilled to partner with Brooklyn-based Laura Wass and WXYZ Jewelry who creates sculptures for the body, inspired by science, art, and math, fusing the rigorous and playful, sparking interaction, conversation and magic.

The JITTERBUG is reflective of nature’s coordinate system from the subatomic, through the molecular, biological, and on up. By pushing on the shape you can collapse it from the vector equilibrium to an icosahedron, octahedron, and finally a tetrahedron, teaching your body the feeling of the 60-degree coordinate system.

With practice, a rhythmic opening and closing movement can be achieved with alternative clockwise and counterclockwise rotations, enabling the JITTERBUG to portray its namesake, the jitterbug dance.

Join us in celebrating the integrity of nature’s design by purchasing your own JITTERBUG.

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