Toilets and Taps

ORGANIZATION NAME: Social Awareness Newer Alternatives


SUMMARY: An integrated sustainable green solution to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to the rural and urban poor, using technology, backed by capacity building.

PROBLEM SPACE: "Over 600 million Indians defecate in the open every day due to lack of sanitation and toilets. Almost 30% of Indian villages have no access to safe drinking water. Almost 60 million Indian children are stunted due to lack of sanitation and safe drinking water. Nothing ravages human dignity more than having to defect in the open and drinking contaminated water every day. Most of the villages we target have erratic power supply or none at all. Not one of these villages has septic tanks, sewage pipelines or secondary waste treatment plant. Lack of hygiene also has huge impact on public health. Dirty surroundings also cause many diseases, like malaria, dengue, diarrhea, jaundice, cholera, etc., with associated high public health expenditure. Absence of toilets in schools and hostels results in drop outs among girl child. Our initiative is designed to mitigate this inhuman living conditions. Our intervention is to bring dignity to their lives as well as restore healthy living and productivity.

Lopsided development, lack of empathy and inability to take the gift of development to the grass roots, has resulted in hundreds of thousands of villages and urban slum clusters with no access to safe drinking water or sanitation. There has been no serious effort to lay sewage pipelines or waste management systems in these villages and slum clusters. With burgeoning population - the number of such sites with no access to safe drinking water or sanitation have only increased every year. Caste system which is the bane of Indian society has also played a very critical role. The upper caste think of cleaning toilets as a pollutant and a social stigma. The lowest caste members - Dalits- are treated as sub human beings. The sewage workers are sent to clean pipelines with minimum protection. Over the years open defecation has become rampant. And the collateral damage has been the perpetuating of poverty."

SOLUTION: "What SANA has designed is a holistic approach. One that accepts safe drinking water and sanitation go hand in hand. One without the other is not an option. A green solution which factors in caste system in its very core of village life. Our Solar Powered Water Purifying station cum bio toilets does exactly this. The Water station is powered by Solar panels. It produces 1.8 million litres of clean WHO standard drinking water annually. The refuse water from this process is recycled to clean and wash the 20 bio toilets. The Bio toilets themselves do not need a septic tank or a secondary waste treatment plant. An innoculum of bacteria self destructs the human waste. Most importantly there is no human intervention in the cleaning of the tanks.We back this with Skill development to ensure sustainability Local men and women are trained to operate and manage the plant and machinery. We also have a capacity building program

1. Training the trainers- who are taught the health hazards of open defecation and poor hygiene
2.Trainers at Work- these trainers then take the message to the villagers
3. Audit and assess- a quarterly social auditing of the implementation of our initiative"

CONTACT: Sanchaita Raju, [email protected]"