Academy for Systems Change

SUMMARY: The online, open-source Systems Change Fieldbookwill make tools and practices accessible for those leading deep, systemic change and developing this field of knowledge. This multimedia resource will build capacity for an expanding network of leaders to practice awareness-based systemic change for the wellbeing of communities, economies, and ecosystems.

PROBLEM SPACE: "Any observer of the state of the world will note that it is becoming increasingly urgent to find and promote models that re-establish the harmony between human and natural systems for a better life beyond what has emerged from the Industrial Age. This requires a shifting from the pursuit of material growth, often only for its own sake, to fostering sustainable social well-being and addressing intractable problems, such as climate change, the destruction of ecosystems, social inequity, failing educational institutions, and disengaged, unemployed youth. We are finding examples of such shifts and believe that an opportunity exists to bring insights and coherence to these social changes.

The Academy for Systems Change works with leaders who address systemic failures in multiple systems: education, business, marine/fisheries, tropical rainforest, food/agriculture, community wellbeing, women empowerment and finance around the world. Their most limited capital is not financial but the intractability of human relationships in their communities when it comes to building shared understanding and mobilizing an entire system of people and institutions to act. Everyone engaged in this work needs access to proven tools and practices that will support their efforts, and to be connected to a supportive and growing community of practitioners."

SOLUTION: "We will design, develop and integrate modular collections of tools, frameworks and practices for whole system transformation in an open-source platform (website/app). The ideation and design of the Fieldbook is the product of network-building with collaborators, partners, and the learning community we have built over many years. We have already engaged with other system transformation leaders to actively contribute their expertise and learnings over time.

The Fieldbook covers five core capacities for systemic change:
+Development of Self
+Leading in Teams and Networks
+Leading in Systemic Change
+Theories of Models of Change
+Managing Systemic Change Processes

Applied in deliberate combinations, these core capacities have proven effective in complex whole system change. The growing inventory will provide practitioners in business, education, civil society, and government with case studies and practices that can seed, create, and sustain effective social change for social, spiritual, economic and ecological restoration.

This emerging body of know-how has developed over the past 50 years, drawing from leading methodologists, Academy Faculty and Fellows, and network partners. Open-sourcing these tools, and providing leaders support for how to use them, is key in continuing to learn from and accelerate the growth of this body of knowledge."

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