Hamwells e-Shower

SUMMARY: The Hamwells e-Shower offers Refresh Cycles that filter, purify and use a water drop 7 times. Users enjoy high pressure, high volume showers whilst saving up to 90% on water and energy.

PROBLEM SPACE: "Since a traditional shower wastes all the warm water, it poses three problems in every home and related business. The first is high usage costs like energy, water and wastewater expenses. The second is the increasing shortages of fresh water due to climate change. The third is less obvious but most critical: the necessity for expensive infrastructure that can sustain the peak demands of traditional showers.

Classic solutions do not work. Low-flow shower heads force users to compensate for the drop in comfort with longer shower times, whilst heat recovery systems have marginal efficiency and still waste all the water.

Hence the Hamwells e-Shower. By using every water drop about 7 times, the e-Shower cuts usage costs back to near zero without surrendering user comfort. This solves all three problems: costs evaporate, precious water is conserved, and the infrastructure can shrink drastically since it doesn't have to sustain peak capacity anymore. Like this, our customers can do away with 80%(!) of the boiler capacity, solar panels and other equipment they used to generate the many liters of warm water a traditional shower would've wasted.

Like this, the e-Shower makes the sustainable buildings of the future affordable."

SOLUTION: "We stood for a daunting challenge: for 30 years recirculating showers failed because of hygiene issues. Our team is the first in the world to combine electronics and filtration techniques to create a self-cleaning and fully hygienic system that delivers crystal clear water.

The e-Shower offers a choice between Refresh Cycles and a classic shower. The classic shower uses a low flow showerhead, and works just like a traditional shower: the water is drained after just one use.

The Refresh Cycles re-uses the water from a 3 liter reservoir. By drawing fresh hot water from your warm water source, it keeps the water nice and warm. Excess water is drained, ensuring the water is continously replaced. It is microfiltered and purified with UV light. Like this, the Refresh Cycles filter, purify and use a water drop about 7 times.
After every session, the e-Shower self-cleans and drains completely, flushing itäó»s filters in the process. No filter replacement is necessary. Every user will have a crystal clear experience. Like this, the Refresh Cycles filter, purify and use a water drop about 7 times.

The e-Shower is Wi-Fi connected and equipped with a 7 inch touchcontrolled screen, allowing for a wide range of applications for homes, hotels and gyms. It logs all the data, giving insight into the shower behavior of your family and customers. It allows for gamification of the savings, encouraging everyone to save more with the Refresh Cycles. You can also connect a device to your e-Shower to stream music, check your savings, or start your shower.

Because the e-Shower uses very little warm water, your heating source doesn't need peak capacity anymore. This means the biggest obstacle to sustainable construction is removed: the need for expensive infrastructure like boilers, solar panels or other heating systems."

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