SUMMARY: Nexii builds the bridges to connect impact investors to high impact investment opportunities in world changing initiatives. We aim to make impact investing a reality at scale by improving the infrastructure, expanding effective intermediation networks and establishing the meeting places for investors and impact investments.

PROBLEM SPACE: The capital markets are struggling to recreate a sustainable and inclusive financial system.Impact investing has enormous potential to contribute to these efforts but lacks the capacity, intermediation infrastructure,coordinated informational networks, financial sophistication and expertise critical in building an effective capital market.Nexii is working to provide these.

SOLUTION: Nexii’s model is based on more than a decade of ground up experience and proof of concept achieved in Africa supported by global research based in development principles coupled with the financial markets expertise. Our global market research and extensive democratic consultation process informed the design of Nexii’s stage appropriate marketplace interventions and ensured buy-in at all levels of the market system. This research highlighted that three of the critical barriers limiting the flow of capital to impact investments are: the lack of access to, or visibility in the capital markets; the lack of transparency and comparability between investment opportunities; and the lack of advisory support services to build capacity for engagement with capital market actors.

Nexii’s solutions address these issues by establishing a transparent meeting place with consistent admission and reporting rules across platforms together with required advisor consultation to ensure a fair and equitable environment in which both impact investors and high impact businesses and funds are sufficiently protected from external risks related to information asymmetry, unfair market practices, power imbalances and other factors.
Adopting a tiered approach in order to speak to the diversity and the nascent stage of the impact investing sector, Nexii has established the following marketplaces which are now open to, and listing, high impact business and investment opportunities:

Impact Exchange is a fully regulated impact investment exchange board(for high impact businesses seeking a public listing in the capital markets;

Impact Capital Platform: a private placement platform for showcasing unlisted debt and equity opportunities but with regulated market systems and settlement; and

Impact Opportunities Platform: a grant based platform open to iC or iX listed businesses seeking to raise grants and/or convertible grants to leverage their potential for scaling impact by supporting their technical capacity, R&D, manufacturing or other expansion needs.