Global Village Construction Set

SUMMARY: We are developing the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) - an advanced industrial economy-in-a-box that can be replicated inexpensively anywhere in the world. The GVCS is like a Lego set of modular building blocks which that work together for creating sustainable, regenerative, resilient communities.

PROBLEM SPACE: Our goal is to eliminate the basic driving force behind resource conflicts. Our prototype village aims to demonstrate that we can create a complete economy from local resources on ~1000 acres via regenerative resource use – for ecological living with modern-day comforts, minus resource conflicts.

SOLUTION: The GVCS provides people with technology to do more with less – to live a high quality life in ways that do not disrupt vital ecological support systems. By pushing the limit of resource use to the ability to utilize local resources via the use of high, appropriate technology – we can transcend the need for weaponry, to focus on 'livingry.' Key to this is the integration of open source methods – the methods of open, collaborative development that has already been demonstrated with open source software. We are extending this development model to hardware – and demonstrating ~8-fold cost reduction of resulting products. A global community of developers helps to produce designs, plans, and prototypes, until high-quality products, with improved performance compared to their industrial counterparts – are created at a fraction of the cost. We are at the initial stages of our experiment. We have 8 prototypes, 1 full product release, and 32 more items to develop. However, we have already demonstrated that parts, modules, motors, and even power units may be interchanged between different machines - like a Lego set for real construction – thereby producing breakthroughs in cost/performance ratios. By design - ecological integration allows for plug-and-play modularity and interoperability of many tools. This leads to lifetime design via principles of the modularity, design-for-disassembly, as well as transparency and simplicity. Moreover, the GVCS serves as a universal constructor – as it includes tools for CNC machining and automation, which allow for digitally-assisted self-replication of the entire package. The end results is that people now gain full control of their productive technology base, thereby transcending material scarcity – as a foundation for evolving to higher pursuits - or freedom from geopolitical compromises of resource conflicts.

UPDATE (2017): Our latest work has been starting a spin-off project called Open Building Institute:

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