Sustainable Disaster Response

SUMMARY: Sustainable Disaster Response, SDR, is an integrated, sustainable disaster response and recovery system that utilizes available people and resources to implement innovative renewable energy solutions that transform tragedy into sustainable community reconstruction. SDR uses disasters time of change to maximize efforts towards building a sustainable future.

PROBLEM SPACE: Natural disasters are on the rise and only projected to worsen in the coming years. Most urban areas are completely unprepared to respond efficiently, and are paired with unsustainable infrastructure that compounds the impact of disasters. SDR deploys a comprehensive response that empowers individuals and communities to participate in a sustainable reconstruction plan.

SOLUTION: SDR is an integrated system of disaster response strategy as well as development of innovative renewable energy solutions that pack up and deploy effectively to address most critical needs in the wake of disaster. New communication technology is utilized to increase transparency and renewable energy solutions offset their demand on power resources.
SDR uses a mobile response team of 4-5 people, 1 for communications, the rest for recon/assessment, monitoring and engaging survivors. Recon’s reports from black out areas help to efficiently plan mobilization of resources and establish a network transporting supplies between NGO’s.
Finally Victims become Volunteers which turns deficits into resources by training them how to build with renewable energy systems. The recon team organizes recycling/pick up of car batteries, water heaters etc. and oversees using them to rebuild sustainable community centers.
These are established solutions for disaster needs developed from team member experiences and have been adapted to support SDR. Market demand for light weight solutions lag behind available renewable energy technology.