SUMMARY: The purpose of our initiative is to produce potable water by condensing atmospheric moisture in locations that do not have water, or that have water that is contaminated. The product is an intelegent ""state of the art"" appliance that can adapt to weather conditions to run at it's most efficient level.
Another model of the watermill the ""watermill cell"" uses the same core technology,and is intended for use in underdeveloped countries. The cell can be used alone , or when a number of units are assembled in an array, will produce a large quantity water. We call this configeration the ""Waterwall"". The Waterwall could be the water center in villages where clean drinking water is scarce.

Both machines produces 12 litres of potabel water (based on 70%Rh and 30deg.C) per day. This is enough drinking and cooking water for the average family.Our studies show that a family of four, uses on average of 8 litres per day. It is our goal, to produce water, and store it in reusable water containers in an effort to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles in our landfills.

The Watermill makes potable water by condensing moisture on silver coated, primary surface only. By using primary surface only, we do not risk contanination in crevices of surfaces that use secondary surfaces.(fins) This condensing surface is sterilized automaticaly by UV light. The water produced travels through activated carbon filter and through another UV water purification process, before leaving the machine to be stored in a reservoir. This is done inside a compact machine that draws only 300 watts of energy.

PROBLEM SPACE:"We are currently testing beta units at a number of world sites, collecting data and demonstrating our product to interested parties. We have, or will be interviewing with such media as the BBC, Wired Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and many green and water related magazines. We recently were invited to demonstrate our product to the United Nations - World Conference on Water.

Should we be so fortunate as to win the prize money, we would use it to further the development of our existing product, but also use it to advance the solar and wind powered models we are presently designing.

SOLUTION: Comprehensive: Supplies clean fresh drinking water to areas of water shortage and poluted water, and does not deliver water in plastic water bottles.
Anticipatory: Reducing the carbon footprint for water bottles and eliminating the need for plastic bottle disposal.
Ecologically Responsible: Produces water from the abundant amospheric water supply, by using a minimum amount of clean electrical energy.
Feasible: Proven technology. As a result of 4yrs of development and testing, has produced an efficient and patented product.
Verifiable: 3rd party validation from Industry experts at Regen Technical in Calgary Alberta, Canada.
Replicable: By using a micro proccesor based controller, we can monitor the weather conditions , and control the watermill, in order to operate the machine efficiently. This allows the Watermill to be instantly usable regardless of global position.

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