Sustainable Urban Mobility

The Sustainable Personal Mobility and Mobility-on-Demand System designs were submitted by an interdisciplinary student team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab Smart Cities Group.

“Given the nature of the crises we are facing, from climate change to economic collapse, what is important is to demonstrate that this approach to design and problem solving—while always thinking big—has the potential to bring about changes in the near-term. This project is a perfect example of the kind of radical, transformative change that is possible when we reconceive the old ways of doing things and take a systems-based approach to design.

This initiative isn't just about the design of these lightweight, highly efficient, electric vehicles, it is about inserting that technological innovation into the social and cultural environment and designing an intuitive system within which they function. The technological innovation embodied in these vehicles is just one piece of a larger system design which addresses issues from pollution, to congestion, to urban space, to economics, to energy use, to the very idea of personal transportation and what that means in a world with nearly seven billion inhabitants.” — from the 2009 Fuller Challenge Jury