Buckminster Fuller Institute is seeking a Senior Grants and Budget Manager for their Regenerosity program. Regenerosity is implemented by BFI in partnership with sister organizations Re-Alliance and LUSH Cosmetics with a mission to accelerate the transition to regenerative economies and societies that live in harmony with nature and enhance the ecologies they depend on. The program provides small grants to organizations in various regions of the world to increase the uptake of regenerative agricultural and natural resource stewardship practices.

Regenerosity currently works across several regions including East Africa, India, and the Amazon, supporting organizations that work with grassroots small-holder farmers and are regional hubs. With the potential to expand to several regions across the globe over the next year, we are seeking an experienced Senior Budget and Grants Manager who, as a member of the Operations Team, will work in support of and in close collaboration with the Strategy & Development Team, the Communications Team, the Learning & Community Team and the Regional Coordinators.

Apply here for the Regenrosity Senior Grants and Budget Manager.


  • Manage grants and contributions from donors for the Regenerosity program, including
  • ensuring the fulfillment of donor expectations and requirements;
  • development and tracking of spending plans per donor;
  • ensuring that reporting deadlines are met and coordinating the preparation and submission of financial reports;
  • liaising with donors on contractual and financial issues; and
  • maintaining a broad and deep understanding of donor policies, regulations and procedures in the current philanthropic environment in order to support the evolution from traditional paradigms to newer, trust-based paradigms.
  • Manage Regenerosity’s re-granting program, including

  • the development of grants manual with templates, criteria and procedures for vetting and selecting grantees and awarding grants for grantee projects;
  • liaising with BFI’s general counsel to ensure all procedures and grant templates conform to BFI’s legal requirements;
  • ensuring that grantee projects and budgets are in accordance with the policies and procedures of the donor who provided the funds;
  • providing on-going technical assistance to build grantee capacity on a broad range of compliance, financial and administrative needs;
  • working closely with the BFI accountant to ensure efficient tracking of grantee expenditures; and
    liaising with the Regional Coordinators who provide on-going support to grantee projects.
  • Management of Regenerosity budgets, including

  • development, monitoring, and updating of the full multi-year program budget;
  • maintaining the planned spending budget that allocates donor funds received to planned expenditures as per the full program budget;
  • working with grant writers to develop budgets and budget narratives for submission to donors; and
  • monitoring Regenerosity program budget expenditures overall and by individual donors.
  • Opportunities

  • Develop familiarity with participatory and trust-based philanthropy models
  • Connect to a global network of regenerative leaders
  • Gain experience in nonprofit fundraising, grantmaking, and budgeting
  • Learn how to use tools from our technology stack: Asana, Airtable, Slack, Google Suite, MailChimp, Salsa Labs, Hylo and social media channels
  • Learn about the life and work of Buckminster Fuller
  • Grow leadership and management skills in a supportive and creative community
  • Qualifications

  • Demonstrated experience in non-profit grants management, fund management, program development and budget development
  • Familiarity with generally accepted accounting procedures (GAAP) for non-profit organizations, including project finance management, financial controls, accounting, and auditing
  • Advanced knowledge of working and budgeting in Excel; knowledge of working in Quickbooks Online
  • Working knowledge of donor regulations, procedures and compliance requirements across the spectrum from the traditional model of grant-making to newer, trust-based models of grant-making.
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to determine priorities and meet multiple deadlines simultaneously.
  • Team player and self-starter capable of working both collaboratively and independently
  • Technically savvy with the desire to learn and teach new tools
  • Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills and ability to easily work in a team setting.
  • Demonstrated commitment to “making the world work for 100% of humanity”.

  • Location: Remote
    Hours: 2.5 days a week
    Payment Schedule: Monthly
    We are an equal opportunity employer. You will be employed under the Buckminster Fuller Institute, as a contractor.
    Salary commensurate with experience and location.

    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Regenerosity Team