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Fifty years ago, Fuller wrote a powerful book entitled Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth.


Dear BFI Community, 

I'm excited to serve as the new chair of the BFI board of directors. My background is in the technology world working initially as a physicist, inventor, engineer, designer, executive, and (most recently) investor seeking to help humanity become a net positive to nature. You can learn a lot more about how I see the world here:


Fifty years ago, the evolutionary manifesto Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth laid out Buckminster Fuller’s vision for an invisible revolution. 

Can Cooperatives Save Us From the Next Economic Crisis?

In the summer of 2009, economists reported that one-third of the capital equipment in the United States stood idle while some 17 percent of the workforce were either unemployed, forced into part-time jobs, or “discouraged” from even seeking work.

Welcome Shana Rappaport to the BFI Board of Directors

BFI is honored to welcome Shana Rappaport to our Board of Directors. In her role as Vice President and Executive Director of VERGE with GreenBiz Group, Shana has spent the last six years building and scaling the premier global event series focused on accelerating the clean economy and addressing the climate crisis.

The 'architecture of life' described by computer modeling

While most of biology and medicine focus on the key roles genes and chemicals play in the formation and control of living systems, the spatial arrangement of the components that make up those systems and the physical forces they experience are being increasingly recognized as equally important.

Developer's plans to build condominium complex raise concerns over Buckminster Fuller's oldest extant geodesic dome

While Buckminster Fuller and his geodesic domes may have gotten special mention in Jeff Bridges' recent Golden Globes speech, his oldest extant lattice-shelled structure is in the news for a less gl

Lectures, tours and workshops highlight fiftieth anniversary of Buckminster Fuller’s design revolution

In 1969, designer, scientist, developer, writer and Southern Illinois University Carbondale professor Buckminster Fuller published his manifesto for a design revolution. Now, fifty years later, Fuller’s work will be recognized as part of the Charles D. Tenney Lecture series at SIU.

Jeff Bridges Mentioned Buckminster Fuller and Geodesic Dome at the 2019 Golden Globes

Jeff Bridges was honored at the 2019 Golden Globes with the Cecil B. DeMille Award, which recognizes lifetime achievement in film. Many people watching his acceptance speech, though, thought he was channeling his character in one particular film—The freewheeling, pot-loving Dude from The Big Lebowski.

Accelerating Acceleration: Towards Tomorrow
Pablo Freund

Since the invention of the printing press, the scientific and thought advances of man have spread throughout the world at ever increasing rates, extending to millions an education that was historically exclusive to just a lucky few. Knowledge has catalyzed knowledge in what R. Buckminster Fuller described as the ever-increasing wealth of the world.

Specialized in Generality
Pablo Freund

Buckminster Fuller is best known for the invention of the Geodesic Dome. The structure’s remarkable properties allow it to be built to any size, while maximizing the ratio of internal volume to external surface area. Thousands of domes have been built providing relief to disaster victims, strength to military compounds, awe to audiences in concert halls, and prestige to the U.S.

Making the World Work
Pablo Freund

In the late months of 1927, a desperate man stood at the shores of Lake Michigan contemplating ending his own life. Despite a privileged upbringing and honorable service to his country as a Navy officer, at age 32 he found himself defeated; grief stricken by the passing of his young daughter due to illness, and yearning for his wife and newborn away from him in New York City.

Portraits of Buckminster Fuller by Richard Seyffert
Pablo Freund

In 1979, Richard and his wife Valerie visited Bucky at his family home in Bear Island, Maine.

Public Lab DIY kits

2013 Fuller Challenge Finalist Public Lab for Open Science and Technology hosts an impressive catalog of open source toolkits on their site ranging from Water Quality Sensors to Indoor Air Quality and Kite Mapping kits.

Mushroom Tower for PS1

2013 Fuller Challenge winner Ecovative is in production on 10,000 living mushroom bricks for a 40-foot tower to be installed in the courtyard of MoMA PS1 as part of their Young Architects Program.

Échale a Tu Casa wins B Corp award

2013 Fuller Challenge Runner Up Échale a Tu Casa has been recognized as one of the “Best for the World” companies by B Corp.

Buckminster Fuller's Dome Home to be restored

Good news! Minnesota-based Dome, Inc. will be initiating the long-awaited preservation work on Buckminster Fuller's Dome Home in Carbondale, Illinois with a public ground-breaking on April 19.

Carbondale restoration under way

Blair Wolfram's Dome Inc. recently held the groundbreaking for their restoration of Buckminster Fuller's Dome Home in Carbondale, IL, on April 19th.

Generalists to the Rescue: The Emergence of the Sustainability Professional
Pablo Freund

Pablo Freund details the rise of the generalist, adept in working with multidisciplinary and comprehensive approaches to the complex issues of our time.