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Greg Watson’s Opening Remarks from The Fuller Challenge Symposium

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge Has
Prepared Us For Humanity’s Greatest Challenge

By Greg Watson

Buckminster Fuller 10th Anniversary Awards Ceremony
November 10-11, 2017
Brooklyn, New York

Reflections from Greg Watson on The Fuller Challenge Symposium

Against the backdrop of our nation, and indeed the world in disarray, the
Buckminster Fuller Challenge 10th Anniversary Awards Celebration was an oasis
of hope. Even after more than forty years of working and playing in the dynamic
space defined by design science, I wasn’t taking any of what was unfolding for

Reflections from Edie Farwell on The Fuller Challenge Symposium

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge Award ceremony was a much-needed immersion in good news stories. Project after project of what is, in fact, working well in worldwide efforts to create whole systems solutions to pressing social and environmental challenges. Panel after panel of talented, caring, truly good people designing and delivering sustainability solutions. What a treat.

Reflections from Allegra Fuller Snyder on The Fuller Challenge Symposium

I am taking the liberty of sharing something of the excitement that we, who were able to attend the extraordinary Fuller Challenge Award Symposium, experienced. This event took a very different perspective and tactic than any that previously had occurred in connection with the Challenge Awards.

Shareable Cities Book and Toolkit

Shareable, a Bay Area nonprofit that serves as a connection hub for “the sharing transformation,” has published Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons.

TED Talk by Zubaida Bai, Founder and CEO of ayzh

Fuller Challenge applicant ayzh was selected for the 2017 Catalyst Program.

Regenerative Earth Summit

At the Regenerative Earth Summit on November 6th and 7th at the University of Colorado in Boulder there will be a focus on soil, climate, and culture.

TRIBALIZE: Regenerative Community Summit II

Tribalize, a new event series focused , is hosting Regenerative Community Summit II in Sebastopol, CA on November 3-5th will convene the critical stakeholders working in the regenerative community sector to amplify the sector trends, best practices and emerging projects therein and to help network the key players and organizations within the movement.

Thank you, Sharifah Taqi, for your contributions to BFI!

BFI extends gratitude to Sharifah Taqi, a long-time staff member who recently moved on from her work with the Institute and the Buckminster Fuller Challenge (BFC) program.