Architecture and Engineering Postings


Recently, we had the pleasure of talking to Abeer Sheikaly, a Jordanian woman working across sectors of architecture, design, fine art, and cultural production. She has designed and developed a unique tent, created with high performing structural fabric systems, exploring the social implications of creating homes for displaced communities.

Fuller Exhibit in Hong Kong

Disruptive Matter at the Hong Kong K11 ATELIER Museum, will run from January 16 - February 17, 2020, and explore and celebrate current groundbreaking transformations emerging globally in our shift towards a renewable, post-fossil world.


We are saddened to announce that Shoji Sadao passed away on November 3rd in Japan at the age of 92.


BFI is proud to announce that we are co-hosting Hack For Earth on November 2-3, 2019 in San Francisco. This event is an accelerator where technology meets ecology. Twelve teams will compete and collaborate to inspire the audience for earth-centered technological solutions. BFI will be creating our open-source Cooperating Manual for Spaceship Earth wiki as one of the participants.

A new use for Google Maps: calculating a city’s carbon footprint

The Environmental Insights Explorer calculates emissions from buildings, car trips, and public transport to illustrate how a city’s sustainability efforts are faring.

Spanning the Divide

As an undergraduate student at Yale University in the 1970s, I majored in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, but the class I most wanted to get into was an art class. This proved difficult, however, as few art classes were open to undergraduates from other majors.

BFI Joins the Giving Tuesday Movement

Last year over $300 million was raised for nonprofits on the new holiday Giving Tuesday. This year, BFI is participating with our own campaign to raise funds for our new Spaceship Earth programs.

As the Biosphere Dies, So Do We: Using the Power of Nature to Heal the Planet

One only need look outside the window to understand that human-caused climate disruption is in overdrive.

Grimshaw's Next Eden Project Could be in the North of England

Grimshaw can claim their horticultural Eden Project in Devon, South West England as being among their most iconic works.

What I Learned About Experience Design From Buckminster Fuller

Courtesy Universal Limited Art Editions