Dymaxion Forum

The Dymaxion Forum is dedicated to gathering the most interesting, up-to-date information, viewpoints, and observations advancing the legacy of Buckminster Fuller on Spaceship Earth today and into the future.

Sistema Biobolsa and the Circular Economy in Kenya

2017 Fuller Challenge Finalist Sistema Biobolsa is contributing to the circular economy for farmers in developing countries around the world. Recent coverage highlighted a success story in Kenya.

ReGen18 in San Francisco

How can we build regenerative systems that work for all people and the planet? Join in this conversation at ReGen18, May 1 – 4 at Impact Hub San Francisco.

Global Solutions Labs with Medard Gabel

The 15th Annual Global Solutions Lab will take place from June 17–25, 2017, at the United Nations in New York and Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, PA.

Third Industrial Revolution

In this new VICE video, Jeremy Rifkin describes many aspects of what he calls the Third Industrial Revolution.

Polypoly The 21st Century Economic World-building Game

Polypoly is a new board game that mimics monopoly but with positive-sum game rules. “Polypoly (noun): An economic term for a marketplace with many buyers and many sellers.” Rather than a goal of bankrupting your peers, this game aims to create a “closed loop” economic system that strives for the highest quality of life for all.

House of Tomorrow Movie Features the Legacy of Buckminster Fuller

The House of Tomorrow, a coming-of-age film directed by Peter Livolsi, is coming soon to theaters on April 27th, starring Ellen Burstyn (Requiem for a Dream), Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), Asa Butterfield (Ender’s Game), Alex Wolff (Patriots Day), Maude Apatow (This Is 40).

Resisting Reduction: A Manifesto

Joi Ito's manifesto explores how bridging the "two cultures" of the sciences and humanities is more important than ever: "We should learn from our history of applying over-reductionist science to society and try to, as Wiener says, “cease to kiss the whip that lashes us.” While it is one of the key drivers of science—to elegantly exp

MONKEY BUSINESS Re-designing Money for 21st Century Primates

Presented by John Wood, Monkey Business eloquently outlines the history of money and the potential for a new paradigm that would enable synergy to replace profit. “As Buckminster Fuller has argued, we should 'reform the environment' instead of trying to change human beings.

BFI Board Member Jonathan Marvel Wants to Rewire Puerto Rico with Solar

Resilient Power Puerto Rico is a new project of Jonathan Marvel, BFI Board Member and Great-Nephew of Buckminster Fuller. He and a team of others are following in Fuller’s footsteps to create a holistic electrical plan for the island.

BFI Board transitions

BFI is delighted to welcome Sarah Brooks to our board of directors. Sarah embodies the practices of comprehensive design, bring with her a deep history of experience as a leader in the design field.

Rare Bucky interviews released by Art on Air
Tennae Maki

BFI volunteer Tennae Maki contributed her efforts to a series of audio interviews with Bucky, recorded in 1976 upon the publication of And It Came To Pass—Not To Stay, and hosted by noted literary critic Charles Ruas at Art On Air.

Tensegrity Dome in Tokyo

A team of professors and students at the University of Tokyo Digital Fabrication Lab has built a beautiful tensegrity dome using inflated steel "pillows" and steel tension wires.

Ecovative's Eben Bayer on biomaterials (video)

Check out the video of Eben Bayer, CEO of 2013 Fuller Challenge winners Ecovative speaking recently on a panel about renewable energy at the Global Competitiveness Forum in Saudi Arabia.

Dome homes in the press

Dome homes have been seeing a fair bit of press coverage in the past few months, some of which we've featured in previous issues of Trimtab. Here are a couple more!