Archive 2007-2017

Mahila Housing SEWA Trust
2015 Finalist

Mahila Housing SEWA Trust (MHT) creates a unique socio-technical partnership between communities and stakeholders, integrating traditional knowledge with modern technologies in order to devise multi-layered solutions to climate change impacts for poor urban dwellers.

Making Energy From Dirt
2008 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Microbial power systems: Generating clean energy from dirt

Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront Regeneration Plan
2014 Finalist

The Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront Restoration Plan, submitted by Lookman Oshodi of Urban Spaces Innovation in Lagos, Nigeria on behalf of the Makoko/Iwaya Working Group, is a comprehensive master plan for the Makoko/Iwaya community that seeks to preserve local culture, revitalize the built environment with elegant, low-cost housing, increase economic opportunities, and ensure disaster resilience for over 40,000 residents.

Malaria Free Zone Project
2016 Catalyst Program

The Malaria Free Zone Project is run by the organization AIDSfreeAfrica. Using expired bed nets, they construct window and door screens and fit these as mechanical barriers into homes and hospitals. These so called malaria free zones (MFZ) cover the entire house, not just the bed.

Mangrove Reef Walls
2017 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: This project is a strategy for transforming urban waterfronts into thriving tidal habitats that simultaneously improve the marine environment and respond to human quality of life factors. We aim to capitalize on a well-placed intervention of flexible formwork within conventional casting process to emulate complex habitat structure of tidal ecosystems.

Marine Permaculture
2017 Catalyst Program

Warming ocean surface waters present an increasing energy barrier to natural overturning circulation, threatening seaweed-dependent ecosystems and the economic survival of coastal communities. Climate Foundation envisions Marine Permaculture (MP): semi-submerged foundations supporting marine ecosystems using renewable energy to restore overturning circulation, seaweed, and fisheries while fixing carbon and regenerating economies.

Martin Pena Community Land Trust
2017 Finalist

Fideicomiso de la Tierra del Caño Martín Peña (in English, Martín Peña Channel Community Land Trust) has designed the ENLACE project to address a variety of pressing needs in this poor, underserved, historically disenfranchised “informal” community near the center of San Juan.

Masaai Livestock and Land Management Enterprise
2017 Catalyst Program

We will organize a Maasai Beef Enterprise in our village. Community health and education, water, feed storage, transportation, and herd management are limiting factors. We will address these limitations by boring a well that will be used for culinary water as well as livestock and irrigation water for gardens.

MASS Design Lab
2013 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: MASS Design Lab is a research project of MASS Design Group, exploring the integration of public health, economic development, environmental performance and education into a comprehensive formalized architectural strategy through a rigorous assessment process and immersive community component.

2017 Catalyst Program

Materiome is a library of nature-inspired 3D printable materials. Local communities can contribute by measuring the properties of their materials with our toolkit. Our mission is to enable anyone, anywhere to use materials so elegant, so ingenious, that they serve human purpose on the largest scale, nourishing life itself.

2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Through an open, interactive innovation platform the maternal/newborn health field can made more efficient and effective.

Maya Universe Academy
2017 Catalyst Program

Maya Universe Academy is the first and only range of free private schools in Nepal that provides quality education to marginalized and cash poor communities, works to transform the local landscape into a classroom and alleviates poverty in the area by working at the intersection of education, entrepreneurship and environment.

Mechanical Moon, Inc.
2016 Catalyst Program

Our objective is to provide fresh, flavorful, nutritious produce in all venues and environments, especially urban areas, at reasonable cost. GrowCubes - a new, highly-scalable indoor farming system - is the solution. With numerous benefits, unused industrial, commercial, and retail facilities in populated areas can be adapted for this purpose.

Medic Mobile
2017 Semi-Finalist

Medic Mobile equips community health workers with digital tools to provide better care and reach more people. With our new equity lens people will be able to rapidly assess equity in local health systems and respond at the household level--a precision approach to making healthcare more equitable.

MicroEnergy Credits
2010 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: MicroEnergy Credits leverages the unprecedented growth of the $120 billion carbon markets as a catalytic source of funding to mobilize the 12,000 microfinance banks now reaching over a billion people, to help their microentrepreneurs affordably switch to healthy and clean energy sources as part of their journey out of poverty.

2012 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: MinVayu will meet the need for power in Indian villages. MinVayu consists of affordable, small, wind turbines designed for low-wind, and training for village mechanics to install and maintain them. This allows wind-powered electricity to be scaled to India’s 98 million rural dwellers with wind, but without reliable electricity.

Mishkaah Project
2017 Catalyst Program

ORGANIZATION NAME: Mimaria Architecture Consultants

LOCATION: Saudi Arabia

SUMMARY: "One Village at a Time

Transform worldview by providing an Islamically-inspired Manual for Integration and Tolerance based on the Charter of Medina and the world's first Community Development Center.

Mobile Lotus
2017 Catalyst Program

Mobile Lotus is a floating platform that integrates a family clinic, health education and play spaces, servicing local communities inhabiting Cambodia's Tonle Sap Lake. It highlights the health of both the village communities and ecosystem of this UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere, one of Cambodia's most precious resources.

Monda Technologia
2017 Catalyst Program

Our mission is to find essential solutions through sustainable design. We take paper or agricultural waste and we turn it into biodegradable plastic. Then we take that plastic and make things with it (we're currently addressing the packaging industry).