Archive 2007-2017

Greenflight World Link Initiative
2009 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Sustainable transportation is a fundamental requirement of humanity. The Green Flight World Link Initiative is centered upon the design of the Skylite 500 GeoShip™, a comprehensively engineered geodesic airship employing synergistic technologies for maximum efficiency, environmental compatibility, and robust continuous operation.

2015 Winner

GreenWave is a non-profit organization working to restore ocean ecosystems and transform fishers, our last ocean hunters, into restorative ocean farmers and stewards of their local waters.


ORGANIZATION NAME: The Neighborhood Service Organization

Haiti Onward
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Haiti Onward (HO) embodies a design collaborative combining ancient wisdom with modern technologies to create new economies.

Hamwells e-Shower
2016 Catalyst Program

The Hamwells e-Shower offers Refresh Cycles that filter, purify and use a water drop 7 times. Users enjoy high pressure, high volume showers whilst saving up to 90% on water and energy.

Healthy Watersheds for Clean Energy
2013 Semi-Finalist

Healthy Watersheds for Clean Energy symbiotically addresses poverty and deforestation by mobilizing communities in remote northern Nicaragua to monitor and police their forests and to practice ecologically-sound agriculture by working with them to install non-polluting, low-impact micro-hydro electrical generation facilities, showing them that the electricity and clean water is dependent on the vitality of the forests in their watershed.

2017 Catalyst Program

BeeTech leverages powerful bioremediation modalities to remedy denuded, toxic, and radioactive sites. Our platform is low-tech, but exponentially effective, scalable to global scope, and two orders of magnitude less expensive than conventional methods. It's also congruent with indigenous cultures such as the Navajo Way of Beauty.

How Does it Grow
2014 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: How Does it Grow? is a multi-platform initiative that brings agricultural literacy to ages 10-adulthood. By creating broadcast-quality videos and other free, shareable tools, we reconnect people with how their food grows in order to inspire greater connection with and demand for whole, natural foods, and to combat diet-related illnesses.

2017 Semi-Finalist

Ignitia is the first highly accurate, highly scalable tropical weather forecasting company. We developed a weather model tailored for the tropics that creates GPS-specific forecasts that are twice as accurate as existing models. We send these to farmers via simple SMS so they can make better farming decisions.

Illinois River Project
2016 Catalyst Program

We are creating a system that reroutes four economies to benefit each: we will employ individuals who have been discriminated from gainful employment due to his or her criminal background to catch invasive fish that will be composted and later used to remediate soil of lead poisoning in impoverished communities.

2014 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: The Informal Urban Communities Initiative (IUCI) integrates design activism, education and interdisciplinary research in the slums of Lima. It deploys innovative approaches to slum-upgrading that marry participatory design with adaptive, decentralized infrastructure.

International Bridges to Justice
2016 Semi-Finalist

International Bridges to Justice (IBJ), founded by attorney Karen Tse 17 years ago, is a unique organization working to bolster fair, professional criminal justice systems around the world. IBJ seeks to end the torture and abuse of detainees by training attorneys and legal officials in legal best practices, and by creating a global legal community.

International Indigenous Design Charter
2017 Catalyst Program

The primary aim of this policy/systems design project is to develop an International Indigenous Design Charter. Its mission is to guide designers (indigenous and non-indigenes) on the appropriate use of Indigenous knowledge and culture in communication design and associated areas of design practice.

Isla Urbana
2014 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: We are working for the widespread adoption of rainwater harvesting (RWH) in Mexico as a response to the worsening water crisis. We design and install RWH technology for low income, water stressed communities, and do education, training and outreach to promote and develop knowledge and capacity for RWH.

2010 Honorable Mention

SUMMARY: We design and market pallet rack based housing kits which provide the urban poor and disaster relief organizations with inexpensive high density shelter & services. Our systems are extremely modular, can be erected and disassembled very quickly, and have a positive environmental impact on the land upon which they rest.

Jaya Organica Yojana
2016 Catalyst Program

MISSION: Rejuvenate land, Sequester carbon, Water retention, Generate Rural Income, Mitigate Migration. At Scale. Our innovation is what we call "in-situ" education, EDP in Vermi Compost - where we send university educated Agri diploma holders home to farmers who have not had any formal schooling and may not read and write."

Jellyfish Barge
2016 Catalyst Program

Jellyfish Barge (JFB) is the floating modular greenhouse for Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture that generates its own fresh water and energy, using only solar power. It is an affordable, transportable and replicable solution to grow food in or near the cities without impacting on existing resources.

2017 Catalyst Program

With a unique social franchise model, Jibu has developed a holistic solution to health, employment and infrastructural challenges of the developing world. Jibu equips and finances aspiring entrepreneurs to make drinking water and other health-improving products accessible and affordable to entire communities.

2017 Catalyst Program

Joro is a high resolution real-time emission tracking tool strategically designed to reduce energy consumption, and break down the barriers that inhibit individuals, corporations, and governments from engaging in ecologically sustainable behavior. Our mission: move energy consumption and embodied carbon to the forefront of the individual decision making process.