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FishNET: Protecting Our Oceans
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: As the various types of IUU fishing create a multi-faceted problem, a single technology cannot solve it all. Low cost detection technologies improve the effectiveness of maritime enforcement agencies.

Food Shift
2014 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: Food Shift is designing and launching a professional food recovery service sector that manages the collection and redistribution of surplus edible food from businesses to those in need. We are shifting the paradigm around food recovery from one that is charity-based to one that ensures financial sustainability and creates jobs.

2016 Catalyst Program

Fordlandia is a initiative producing and promoting Amazonian wild rubber products. Wild Rubber is a sustainable source of income for the marginalised forest communities who can make living from the forest and in doing so protect their environment from logging and farming.

Forests Survival Leadership
2014 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: For the next 2 years we set up a network of active forest defenders through which we engage 1,000 local leaders throughout Southeast Asia. The victims of deforestation, biodiversity loss, climatic disasters, cultural and political oppresion, shall now lead the movement for survival, resilience, and recovery of forests and peoples.

Frontline SMS
2011 Honorable Mention

FrontlineSMS empowers frontline social organizations to leverage the power and reach of mobile technology to enable positive change. They provide organizations in remote, rural regions of the developing world with software that turns a laptop into a mass messaging hub, without any need for Internet connectivity.

Fruit Futures Initiative Gary
2017 Catalyst Program

Fruit Futures (FFIG) re-imagines post-urban Gary IN, with multipurpose plantings of fruiting trees. As a critical alternative to sustainable (re)development, cooperative landscapes link the region's geography to the biochemistry of fruit, engaging citizen scientists to reboot soil, study microclimate, and explore favorite and forgotten small fruits towards resilient cultural futures.

Fuego del Sol Haiti
2014 Semi-Finalist


Fundacion Paraguaya
2013 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Fundacion Paraguaya aims to eliminate poverty in Paraguay using a bottom up strategy that combines granular analysis and data collection, grassroots financing, precise targeting of services, and coordination on a national anti-poverty effort.

Future of Fish
2012 Runner-Up

“If we do not reduce worldwide overfishing, scientists predict the end of commercial fishing by 2050, a catastrophic event for the 200 million employed by the industry and the 1 billion who rely on fish as their primary protein. We help innovate to avoid this fate.”

2015 Catalyst Program

G-Pod is a building system, with each individual pod's being capable of functioning autonomously or able to be interlinked with others to form more consolidated structures. G-pods, in both single and multi pod configurations, are readily deployable and can be easily dismantled, restructured, reused and re-located with minimal environmental impact.

Gaia Dam
2016 Catalyst Program

LOCATION: the Philippines and potentially Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, South Sudan,Haiti

Gardens for Health International
2014 Semi-Finalist

Gardens for Health International, an NGO pioneering the integration of nutrition-based agriculture into the clinical care of malnutrition, partners with rural Rwandan health clinics to implement healthcare strategies that include nutritional education and the nurturing of home gardens of nutrient rich foods for each family. They are seeking to expand this program throughout Rwanda and into Uganda, Burundi, and beyond. This elegant model could be replicated globally to address malnutrition.

Glasswing International
2016 Semi-Finalist

Glasswing International—an NGO with a long, proven track record of well-designed social and development programs in the region—has designed a highly effective program to protect and re-integrate these children into their communities, schools, and families.

Global Village Construction Set
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: We are developing the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) - an advanced industrial economy-in-a-box that can be replicated inexpensively anywhere in the world. The GVCS is like a Lego set of modular building blocks which that work together for creating sustainable, regenerative, resilient communities.

2015 Catalyst Program

A revolutionary tool for realising the potential of the bio-economy and supporting local sustainable livelihoods. By combining earth observation techniques, a mobile bioreactor and an ecosystem perspective, stakeholders can understand what local bio-resources are available and how to use them sustainably to their greatest potential.

Good Land Project
2016 Catalyst Program

The GoodLand Project seeks to increase the Catholic Church's understanding and ecological planning of its landholdings using geographic technologies and community involvement to demonstrate how these lands can be a means for positive global environmental and social change.The Church potentially controls the largest nongovernmental network of landholdings in the world.

2010 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: GoodBank™ is the high transparency design for a commercial bank, reconnecting money and meaning. Saving, shopping and investing true to one’s ethical values improves customer's credit rating at the bank, earns cash-back rewards for environmental and social causes, and inspires new transparency tools to enhance social financial literacy.

2017 Catalyst Program

LOCATION: New Delhi, India

SUMMARY: GOONJ is challenging traditional models of treating old household material as charity instead turning it into powerful tool for social change and a new currency for rural development. Instead of charity this material is given as reward, with dignity to rural communities solving their problems with their own wisdom.

2015 Catalyst Program

Over 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity and millions more have unreliable supply. Instead they rely on dangerous, polluting and expensive kerosene lamps for light. GravityLight transforms the pull of gravity into electricity. It's a unique solution designed as an affordable, safe and reliable alternative.

Green World Game
2015 Catalyst Program

We are committed to engage a new generation of environmental champions, harnessing children's potential to be the agents of transition to a low-carbon economy. By reconnecting with nature and connecting with each other, we will foster a sense of community where each individual action will make a lasting difference.