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ecosistema urbano
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: In this context it is necessary to implement new solutions for water treatment and environmental education within the existing city to set a new standard for a very different future.

2014 Semi-Finalist

Ecosoftt is an emerging Singapore and India-based social enterprise that is the first to develop decentralized, adaptable, chemical-free, cost-effective water systems that combine rainwater harvesting, wastewater recycling, groundwater replenishment and other technological innovations in Asia.

2014 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: Rooted in social and environmental justice, EcoStation:NY is exploring the intersection of the two through innovative, interrelated "community food" and sustainable urban agriculture projects that educate, inspire, and empower. By taking a “Big Picture” approach, we are fostering important dialog and action around food, the environment, society, and sustainability.

2016 Semi-Finalist

ECOTIERRA is a certified B corporation working to create a sustainable agricultural economy across the Andes cordillera, with plans to replicate their model in Cote d’Ivoire and Colombia. The company works as a matchmaker, connecting investors to coffee and cocoa cooperatives throughout Peru.

2013 Winner

This innovative materials science company uses local agricultural waste as feedstock to grow fungal mycelia that can be formed into a host of byproducts, from packaging materials to building insulation and car bumpers.

Educating Entrepreneurs Tool-Kit
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: EARTH Univ. to develop an Educating Entrepreneurs Tool-Kit for African faculties of agriculture committed to transforming undergraduate curricula.

2016 Catalyst Program

EggPlant aims to eliminate the concept of waste and the pollution from traditional plastics by reusing wastewater as raw material to get advanced high performance bioplastic and smart bioplastic-based solutions, thanks to its innovative proprietary technology, through a zero-waste process.

El Ingenio
2017 Semi-Finalist

El INGENIO is an interdisciplinary model that creates the necessary conditions for youth and children to be capable to transform their educational context and their communities through Music, Literature, Design, Architecture, Science, Technologies and Creative Industries, changing the way people learn and break the poverty cycle by creativity and innovation.

Emergent Structures
2015 Catalyst Program

Emergent Structures has developed a multi-pronged strategy for construction and demolition waste transformation with localized wealth creation resulting from these material flows. Through on-ground iteration, inclusive design practices, and multi-stakeholder collaboration, we've developed the tools, knowledge, and capacity to facilitate the successful application of this process in other cities.

2016 Catalyst Program

Using solar cooling & freezing technologies, Emergi developed a solution to address the challenges in Liberia's energy sector, which is polluting, unreliable and expensive. Our strategy is to provide clean, reliable and affordable energy to increase agricultural production, people's livelihood, Liberia's socioeconomic development & food security and reduce environmental deterioration.

Empower Generation
2017 Catalyst Program

Empower Generation (EG) seeds and supports women-led clean energy enterprises serving Nepal's energy poor. We envision a world where women lead the clean energy revolution, reducing deforestation and fossil fuel use. Our entrepreneur network enables clean energy technology suppliers access to remote markets where their products are in high demand.

Engagement Through Exposure
2008 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: “Engagement through Exposure” is an effort to make visible, that which is invisible using ubiquitous technology to connect people with their environment.

Ennead Lab
2015 Catalyst Program

F.R.E.D. (Fostering Resilient Ecological Design) is a cross-disciplinary project that develops whole-systems approaches for re-building and strengthening neighborhoods within coastal communities on the eastern seaboard of the United States. The project asks, “Can we re-think how (and why) we build and live near the water?"

2013 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Ento is introducing insects to the Western diet. As agricultural productivity cannot keep up with global food demands, edible insects potentially have positive environmental benefits globally as well as on human health.

2016 Semi-Finalist

Evrnu has developed a proprietary technology that goes far beyond standard garment recycling to deconstruct used cotton textiles at the molecular level, creating a range of multi-purpose regenerated cellulose fibers far stronger and more durable than the original fabrics.

Factor Ten Engineering (10xE)
2008 Semi-Finalist

After years of exploration, we are activating a pathfinding project called 10xE. It aims to accelerate the fundamental reform of engineering pedagogy and practice by transforming how engineers think about design. Our proposed method is to create, test, refine, disseminate, and create strong “demand pull” to propagate and apply a vivid casebook showing very large (often order-of-magnitude) energy and resource savings, with uncompromised or improved performance but generally capital cost—that is, yielding not diminishing but expanding returns to investments in efficiency.

Farm Share
2010 Finalist

FarmShare reconnects farmers and consumers as co-producers of the foodscape. The strategy uses social media to pool all the resources of Brooklyn into a crowd-sourced decentralized farm.

Field Structure Energy Paradigm
2008 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Applying a new theory of form and structure to real world problems of energy generation and storage.

Fighting SAM (Severe Acute Malnutrition) in India
2010 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Produce shelf stable, high energy, high protein ready to eat food products suitable for community-based treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition for children under 5 years old. We will utilize locally available ingredients and transfer the technology to women-led local self help groups and small scale enterprises to promote self sufficiency.

Finance Innovation Lab
2014 Semi-Finalist

LOCATION: United Kingdom