Archive 2007-2017

Build Change
2016 Semi-Finalist

Build Change is working in Colombia to create an environment wherein homeowners, government, and private sector, can easily work together to retrofit (strengthen) existing vulnerable homes, saving lives in the next earthquake, and contributing with safety and improved construction practice as former slums continue to develop into vibrant, urban neighborhoods.

Built for Zero
2017 Catalyst Program

Built for Zero, an initiative of Community Solutions, works with 70 communities across the United States to help them end chronic and veteran homelessness.

Bullitt Center
2014 Catalyst Program

The six-story, 50,000 square foot Bullitt Center opens a window into the future by showing how healthy, comfortable, ultra-efficient and sustainable an urban office building can be. It produces more energy from rooftop solar than it uses; meets its water needs from rain; creates no municipal sewage; and is toxic-free.

Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab
2017 Catalyst Program

Buoyant Ecologies is a collaborative research platform that synthesizes architectural design, marine ecology, and digital fabrication to explore new approaches to constructing resilient waterfront structures. The project's ambition is to develop compelling strategies for designing and fabricating scalable resilient coastal structures that enhance the biodiversity of the surrounding ecology.

Burma Humanitarian Mission
2016 Catalyst Program

BHM supports community-based backpack medics who administer village health care services in Burma, grassroots education projects that empower the youth of Burma and projects that promote cross-cultural sharing and collaboration for refugees from Burma living in the U.S.

Carnot-Equivalent Stirling Engine and Heat Pump
2009 Semi-Finalist

Our purpose is to bring about a revolution in the efficiency of energy production and consumption by addressing the fundamental problems of engine and heat pump inefficiency.

2012 Semi-Finalist

Chalo is a design initiative that encourages systematic change in textile waste recycling by building an innovative business model with economic, social, and environmental implications in both large and small-scale garment production. The approach is holistic with a three-pronged strategy; business collaboration, design mentorship, and storytelling.

Chintan Group
2014 Catalyst Program

Our strategy is to prevent extreme pollution from increasing volumes of poorly handled electronic-waste by transforming current practices through a systems approach. We link fragmented actors as a chain to develop multiple capacities and leadership, resulting in safe recycling, not dumping of E-Waste, augmented green livelihoods for wastepickers and community.

Chira Project
2014 Catalyst Program

This recycle and community center for Women Association ADATA on Chira Island, Costa Rica, includes a work and social area. Apart from recycling it will be used for environmental trainings for schoolchildren, other inhabitants and tourists, making of handicrafts from recyclables, a daycare-center for children and meeting space.

City as Living Laboratory
2014 Catalyst Program

Founded by artist Mary Miss, City as Living Laboratory is building a replicable FRAMEWORK for innovative artists of all disciplines to lead collaborative teams that address the pressing environmental challenges of our time, activated through place-based experience to make sustainability personal, visceral, tangible, and encourages citizen and governmental action.

2010 Semi-Finalist

CITY SINK is a meta-park of dispersed landscape Infrastructure boosting carbon stocks in both short - term biomass storage and through formation of long- term sequestration reservoirs for soil organic carbon in New York City. Urban-landscape is reshaped into apparatus, empowering citizens to affect global ecologies through civic practice.

Civic Ads: Public Smart
2009 Semi-Finalist

"Civic Ads: Public Smart” is a bold proposal based on the assumption that public space should claim civic content in the urban iconography, and that already situated networks of communication technologies provide a compelling infrastructure for ecological and socially responsible information.

Clean Energy Moonshot
2015 Catalyst Program

Clean Energy Moonshot is a new system for renewable energy production, management, and distribution that disrupts centralized monopolies by empowering communities to create their own energy. It addresses the need for a rapidly scalable implementation of renewable energy - a critical but currently unavailable component of the fight against climate catastrophe.

Clean Irrigation Solution
2014 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: iDE’s Clean Irrigation Solution (CIS) system increases smallholder farmers’ agricultural productivity in developing countries by offering an affordable, appropriately designed, and desirable clean energy alternative to fossil-fuel pumps.

Clepsydra Urban Farming
2011 Catalyst Program

Clepsydra is a new building type - actually an accessory building- a vertical greenhouse that can be linked to existing or new buildings. Within the framework of answering urgent environmental and ecological challenges, Clepsydra serves as a multi-faceted urban development tool to provide food security and community life.

Climate Solutions Project
2009 Semi-Finalist

We began thinking about an effective, large-scale intervention in May 2007. We impaneled expert advisors in climate science, economics, ethics, social science, and social marketing, and the CDC funded our planning conference in February 2008. NOAA funded a meeting of experts to assess public attitudes about climate change.

Co-Op Power
2012 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Co-op Power’s innovative cooperative business structure builds sustainable energy solutions for its members and communities.

2010 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: ColaLife harnesses sea-changes in corporate social responsibility and mobile-based micro-payments, proposing its AidPod distribution system, allowing local health agencies to make simple low-cost life-saving health supplies and awareness materials, ubiquitous, well-understood and easily available in the developing world, over-coming current transport, logistical and co

2012 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: India’s health workforce improves millions of lives but is limited by persistent challenges of training, supervising, and monitoring. We seek to overcome these challenges and unlock the tremendous potential of India’s health program with CommCare, an innovative, cost-effective, scalable mobile health platform for use by community health workers (CHWs).

2016 Catalyst Program

Communitere builds capacity and community for holistic recovery in developing world post-disaster scenarios. Our inclusive design, maker-oriented ethos lifts all stakeholders in a process resulting in a locally-owned resource for those impacted by disaster to design and rebuild their own communities, and provide access to world-class advanced technology and design.