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Transition to a Low-Carbon Future
2012 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Transition is a social experiment on a massive scale. In just five years, 870 Transition initiatives in 34 countries have started to develop community-scale resilience to the energy and climate challenges ahead. We want, now, to catalyze and deepen take-up of the Transition innovation approach.

Translated Geometries AutoShelter
2015 Catalyst Program

Physical spaces are static and not optimized to their context. Our initiative is a transformable, transportable envelope able to adjust to constantly changing users' needs. Offering an optimized design to environmental conditions it generates a self-sustainable system. Thus, it constitutes a dynamic sheltering solution to evolving heterotopic spaces, like refugee-camps.

Transportable Digital Dome
2008 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: This design science solution offers an innovative method for projecting data on a half-sphere (full-dome) Geoscope. The intent is to realize the Geoscope vision of R.

Una Hakika
2016 Finalist

The Sentinel Project has developed Una Hakika: a hybrid of communications technology, social insight, and beneficial use of social media. The project leverages both online and offline “informational architecture” to de-escalate conflict.

2016 Catalyst Program

UNDERWORLDS is a cyber-physical infrastructure that enables the monitoring of bacteria, viruses, and chemical compounds in our sewers. A wealth of information on human health and behaviour converges in the wastewater and UNDERWORLDS is establishing a platform for monitoring these health patterns: shaping public health strategies and advancing modern epidemiology.

Urban Rigger
2017 Catalyst Program

Urban Rigger is the first floating, carbon neutral housing constructed from upcycled shipping containers and designed for mass production, with the goal of creating an affordable alternative to the rising housing prices in major cities. Multiple units can be configured to fit any port organization, allowing for maximum flexibility.

Urbinsight: The EcoCitizen World Map Project
2015 Catalyst Program

The Urbinsight project connects communities with web-based mapping tools designed to explore and measure holistic urban health from a citizens' perspective. Based on a bottom-up approach to documenting environmental conditions at the neighborhood scale, the project provides tools, training, and knowledge for creating more sustainable, resilient urban environments.

2016 Catalyst Program

VENA is the first large-scale atmospheric water generator that is entirely powered with passive energy. Using the sun's heat as a power source and the ground as a condenser VENA generates water in locations that have limited or polluted natural sources.

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
2015 Catalyst Program

The strategy is a patented innovation (Patent Registration Nr. US8.282.236B2) for the optimized operation of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) that can be utilized in multiple scales to achieve an Energy-Plus balance in products and buildings, as illustrated in two projects: the Self Sustaining Street Light and Turbine-House

Villa Corintios
2017 Semi-Finalist

Solve the problem of low-income people's settlements in mega- and developing cities. Create urban designs and sustainable housing that can be used as regional and global plans to meet socio-economical, environmental, material needs, as well as integrated waste management, water and energy supply requirements. They'll offer safety against natural disasters.

Voltree Acoustic Early Detection Sensor System
2013 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Voltree Acoustic Early Detection Sensor System harvests power from a living tree to convert its chemical activity into small amounts of electric current and to 'read' its levels of dehydration, disease, fire risk, even potential seismic activity and CO2 levels, anticipating emerging challenges in agriculture and forestry in order to prevent such things as insect infest

2017 Catalyst Program


LOCATION: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Warka Water
2015 Semi-Finalist

Warka Water (WW) it is a tower designed for social and educational activities with also the function to provide potable water to rural communities facing challenges in accessing this fundamental resource for life. WW provides clean water from the atmosphere under specific meteorological and geographical conditions.

Waste Not, Want Not
2014 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: We are developing practical methods to recover nutrients from human wastes and recycle them safely to agricultural and natural ecosystems.

Our strategy is to close the broken ecological loop of food production, consumption and elimination — to reduce water pollution, conserve drinking water resources, and facilitate sustainable food production.

Water Harvesting to Promote Economic Sustainability
2009 Semi-Finalist


LOCATION: West Africa

Water Retention Landscape of Tamera
2012 Honorable Mention

The Water Retention Landscape is a model for natural decentralized water management, restoration of damaged ecosystems and disaster prevention. It is a basis for reforestation, agriculture and aquaculture, especially in regions threatened by desertification.

Waterbank Schools
2016 Finalist

PITCHAfrica identifies the need for water as a critical global problem, and transforms community dynamics by offering an elegantly simple solution. In a nested way, this design intervention is at once a social, educational, medical, environmental, and economic intervention.

2010 Runner-Up

Watergy is a bionic concept, immitating the biosphere within an enclosure, using wind, rain and related energy dissipation. It allows 85% recycling of irrigation water, while accumulation of CO2 leads to higher rates of photosynthesis. Further applications are plant protection (no pesticides), processing of greywater, desalination and heat supply.

2009 Semi-Finalist



2017 Catalyst Program

WattTime writes software that lets smart devices prioritize electricity from clean/renewable sources. It's free, instantaneous, extremely scalable emissions reduction. Moreover, this technique also smooths renewable energy fluctuations. So if widely installed, this software will also finally make 100% renewable energy grids possible - essentially implementing Fuller's own "global power grid" concept.