Curated Archive 2011

Blue Ventures
2011 Winner

Blue Ventures works with local communities to conserve threatened marine environments. Their integrated conservation programs work with some of the world’s poorest coastal communities to develop conservation and alternative income initiatives to protect biodiversity and coastal livelihoods.

Clepsydra Urban Farming
2011 Catalyst Program

Clepsydra is a new building type - actually an accessory building- a vertical greenhouse that can be linked to existing or new buildings. Within the framework of answering urgent environmental and ecological challenges, Clepsydra serves as a multi-faceted urban development tool to provide food security and community life.

ecosistema urbano
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: In this context it is necessary to implement new solutions for water treatment and environmental education within the existing city to set a new standard for a very different future.

Educating Entrepreneurs Tool-Kit
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: EARTH Univ. to develop an Educating Entrepreneurs Tool-Kit for African faculties of agriculture committed to transforming undergraduate curricula.

FishNET: Protecting Our Oceans
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: As the various types of IUU fishing create a multi-faceted problem, a single technology cannot solve it all. Low cost detection technologies improve the effectiveness of maritime enforcement agencies.

Frontline SMS
2011 Honorable Mention

FrontlineSMS empowers frontline social organizations to leverage the power and reach of mobile technology to enable positive change. They provide organizations in remote, rural regions of the developing world with software that turns a laptop into a mass messaging hub, without any need for Internet connectivity.

Global Village Construction Set
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: We are developing the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) - an advanced industrial economy-in-a-box that can be replicated inexpensively anywhere in the world. The GVCS is like a Lego set of modular building blocks which that work together for creating sustainable, regenerative, resilient communities.

Haiti Onward
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Haiti Onward (HO) embodies a design collaborative combining ancient wisdom with modern technologies to create new economies.

2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Through an open, interactive innovation platform the maternal/newborn health field can made more efficient and effective.

New Economics Foundation
2011 Semi-Finalist

ORGANIZATION NAME:New Economics Foundation

Participatory Budgeting in the Congo Basin
2011 Runner-Up

This project empowers local forest communities to use cutting edge technologies to map their lands and resources and use this evidence as advocacy and negotiation tools for more secure land tenure.

Plant Chicago
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Plant Chicago discovers new ways to integrate sustainable urban agriculture and manufacturing in disused industrial structures. We close energy and waste loops in the built environment by directing the waste output of one process into the material or energy input of another through research, development and training of community members.

2011 Catalyst Program

POWERleap has developed a means to generate 100% renewable energy with nothing more than human footsteps. Our solution is a flooring system that uses piezoelectric technology to convert kinetic energy from people into electricity. Current tests show that 1 kwh of energy can be generated from a 50 m2 area.

2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: The QuaDror Universal Joint is a new space truss geometry, lending itself to a wide scope of applications. This innovation presents great structural efficiency and tremendous potential for a didactic solution to the global issue of habitat. QuaDror Homes provide integrated design, preserving the organic diversity of cultures and ecosystems.

2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Sanergy builds healthy, prosperous communities by making safe sanitation, accessible and affordable for everyone, forever - starting with the urban slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

Solar Power Villages
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: The Earth needs models of settlement where humanity meets its needs without damaging the environment. Solar Power Villages integrate solar collection into greenhouses, store it in hot-oil, and use the heat collected to meet needs for electricity; cooking; water pumping and power (e.g. for grinding corn).

Synergy of man and land
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Promoting health and the environment through synergy of man and land"" is the motto of Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation. It aims to improve the environment and people’s health by introducing local resources by local impoverished people, building a free clinic, and a school for the children.

TARA Akshar+
2011 Honorable Mention

In the four years since the development of TARA Akshar+ it has trained more than 57,000 women to read, write and make simple calculations across 7 of the most illiterate states in India. A remarkable feature of this program is its extraordinary pass rate: more than 95%.

The Copenhagen Wheel
2011 Catalyst Program

A new strategy for sustainable mobility, The Copenhagen Wheel project aims to turn any city into a cycling-city. Our holistic solution is a new type of electric bike, and associated mobile applications - helps riders overcome topography and distance, fosters a cycling community, and supports long-term transportation and environmental policy decisions.

The MicroConsignment Model
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Our MicroConsignment Model (MCM) creates first-time access to technologies that transform lives in isolated villages while creating jobs for local women who never had them before. These women become empathetic entrepreneurs in a value chain that is able to diagnose, identify, deliver and evaluate essential solutions for the “last mile.”