Cycle for Health
2009 Honorable Mention

Cycle for Health is a “pedal powered catalyst that, when placed into a failing rural East African transport system, mobilizes medical resources, personnel and patients.”

Greenflight World Link Initiative
2009 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Sustainable transportation is a fundamental requirement of humanity. The Green Flight World Link Initiative is centered upon the design of the Skylite 500 GeoShip™, a comprehensively engineered geodesic airship employing synergistic technologies for maximum efficiency, environmental compatibility, and robust continuous operation.

Next Future Transportation, Inc.
2017 Catalyst Program

Next is an advanced smart, modular transportation system designed to reduce pollution, commute time, traffic fatalities, trip costs, and road congestion. It will change travel into a useful time to live, resulting in economic, social, and time benefits.

Organic Transit
2017 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: Wherever our products are used, the people, the community, and the planet are cleaner and healthier. A solar/pedal hybrid, the ELF is the most efficient vehicle on the planet, achieving the equivalent of 1800 mpg. Fully enclosed, the 2 passenger ELF provides weather protection, safety, and a 550lb payload.

Renewing America's Interstate Highway Corridor
2015 Catalyst Program

The largest infrastructure project in American history - The Interstate Highway - is reinvented to become the backbone of an adaptive reuse strategy for the continent. 1,870,000 acres of mown land within the corridor is retrofitted using perennial crops and market-access to become a resource generator rather than a sink.

skyTran, Inc.
2017 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: skyTran is a high-speed personal rapid transit (PRT) system developed to address the world's traffic congestion. The unique skyTran system is elevated, arranged in a network, and uses a patented maglev technology that consumes low amounts of energy and generates almost zero pollution.

Solutionary Rail
2017 Catalyst Program

Solutionary Rail is a comprehensive Just Transition proposal to decarbonize transportation and energy. It will run higher speed trains on renewable energy, transporting people and nontoxic freight on the rails and off the highways use railroad rights-of-way to transmit wind and solar electrons to urban centers.

SubEx: Moving Small Package Freight Through City Subways, Not Streets
2009 Semi-Finalist

LOCATION: New York City, USA

SUMMARY: Sub-Ex is a start-up. Our timing is opportune as transit officials seek sustainability options generating creative revenues for fiscally-challenged cities like New York.

Sustainable Urban Mobility
2009 Winner

This initiative includes the design of lightweight, highly efficient, electric vehicles, and encompasses the framework in which the technological innovations are integrated into the social and cultural environment by designing an intuitive and functional system.

SUV 900
2016 Catalyst Program


LOCATION: Maharashtra, India

The Copenhagen Wheel
2011 Catalyst Program

A new strategy for sustainable mobility, The Copenhagen Wheel project aims to turn any city into a cycling-city. Our holistic solution is a new type of electric bike, and associated mobile applications - helps riders overcome topography and distance, fosters a cycling community, and supports long-term transportation and environmental policy decisions.

The S.A.T. Project
2010 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Megacities around the world are facing similar syndromes, fragmented urban landscapes, high infrastructure investments, social unrest in dense city cores, rural-urban migrations, among others, while following traditional transportation schemes and applying the latest IT solutions to administrate increasing traffic congestion, while issuing urgent policies to tackle its

The Water Bullet
2008 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: While magnetic levitation (MagLev) systems have been well established for human transport, the concept of material transport using similar technology has been under-investigated. Establishing a Small-Diameter Vacuum-Enhanced MagLev (SDVEML) system would allow for virtually limitless transportation of materials, at significantly lower costs.