Food / Agriculture

Fuego del Sol Haiti
2014 Semi-Finalist


Gardens for Health International
2014 Semi-Finalist

Gardens for Health International, an NGO pioneering the integration of nutrition-based agriculture into the clinical care of malnutrition, partners with rural Rwandan health clinics to implement healthcare strategies that include nutritional education and the nurturing of home gardens of nutrient rich foods for each family. They are seeking to expand this program throughout Rwanda and into Uganda, Burundi, and beyond. This elegant model could be replicated globally to address malnutrition.

2015 Winner

GreenWave is a non-profit organization working to restore ocean ecosystems and transform fishers, our last ocean hunters, into restorative ocean farmers and stewards of their local waters.

How Does it Grow
2014 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: How Does it Grow? is a multi-platform initiative that brings agricultural literacy to ages 10-adulthood. By creating broadcast-quality videos and other free, shareable tools, we reconnect people with how their food grows in order to inspire greater connection with and demand for whole, natural foods, and to combat diet-related illnesses.

2017 Semi-Finalist

Ignitia is the first highly accurate, highly scalable tropical weather forecasting company. We developed a weather model tailored for the tropics that creates GPS-specific forecasts that are twice as accurate as existing models. We send these to farmers via simple SMS so they can make better farming decisions.

Jaya Organica Yojana
2016 Catalyst Program

MISSION: Rejuvenate land, Sequester carbon, Water retention, Generate Rural Income, Mitigate Migration. At Scale. Our innovation is what we call "in-situ" education, EDP in Vermi Compost - where we send university educated Agri diploma holders home to farmers who have not had any formal schooling and may not read and write."

Jellyfish Barge
2016 Catalyst Program

Jellyfish Barge (JFB) is the floating modular greenhouse for Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture that generates its own fresh water and energy, using only solar power. It is an affordable, transportable and replicable solution to grow food in or near the cities without impacting on existing resources.

2017 Catalyst Program

Kheyti's mission is to help smallholder farmers battle income variability through affordable technologies integrated with services. We currently offer farmers our "Greenhouse-in-a-Box", an low-cost, modular greenhouse bundled with end-to-end support. Our vision is to help 1 million small farmers break the cycle of poverty by 2025.

KickStart International
2009 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY:KickStart’s mission is to get millions of people out of poverty quickly, permanently and cost-effectively, and in the process, to change how the world fights poverty. Over 1 billion people live in grinding poverty. The majority of these are poor rural farmers trying to eke out an existence. These are the people we serve.

2017 Catalyst Program

Kulisha works with food and beverage companies to convert organic waste byproducts into protein input made from insects for use in animal feeds. We've developed a biological system that uses microbial communities and black soldier fly larvae to metabolize waste, cutting disposal costs and offering a sustainable alternative to fishmeal.

LA Green Grounds
2014 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: LA Green Grounds’ “Dig-ins” help south Los Angeles residents to create front-yard food gardens, positively impacting a community deprived of healthy food options.

Marine Permaculture
2017 Catalyst Program

Warming ocean surface waters present an increasing energy barrier to natural overturning circulation, threatening seaweed-dependent ecosystems and the economic survival of coastal communities. Climate Foundation envisions Marine Permaculture (MP): semi-submerged foundations supporting marine ecosystems using renewable energy to restore overturning circulation, seaweed, and fisheries while fixing carbon and regenerating economies.

Masaai Livestock and Land Management Enterprise
2017 Catalyst Program

We will organize a Maasai Beef Enterprise in our village. Community health and education, water, feed storage, transportation, and herd management are limiting factors. We will address these limitations by boring a well that will be used for culinary water as well as livestock and irrigation water for gardens.

Mechanical Moon, Inc.
2016 Catalyst Program

Our objective is to provide fresh, flavorful, nutritious produce in all venues and environments, especially urban areas, at reasonable cost. GrowCubes - a new, highly-scalable indoor farming system - is the solution. With numerous benefits, unused industrial, commercial, and retail facilities in populated areas can be adapted for this purpose.

Open Agriculture Initiative
2016 Semi-Finalist

The MIT Open Agrictulture Initiative develops open-source "controlled environment agriculture" (CEA) technologies to experiment and innovate in seeking alternatives to the unsustainable and destructive practices of industrial agriculture, and to make highly localized food production more viable.

Propagate Ventures
2017 Catalyst Program

Propagate's mission is to grow agroforestry as a cornerstone of agriculture. We link market actors with farmers and land managers, and serve as a platform for increasing the supply and demand of permanent-crops. Our model is market-driven by the pull of consumer demand, collective pre-purchasing and early stage investment.

ReThink DRC
2014 Catalyst Program

ZeroFly Livestock is the first insecticide-incorporated screen that keeps livestock healthy and productive by reducing the impact of nuisance and biting flies, such as tsetse flies, which are the vector of trypanosomiasis (also known as sleeping sickness or Nagana).

Sahara Forest
2009 Semi-Finalist

LOCATION: Norway and Jordan

2014 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: We propose a two-year demonstration biochar project, which addresses three of the major challenges facing coffee growing communities across Central America: utilizing the by-products from coffee processing, providing clean-burning, fuel efficient alternatives for cooking and developing effective organic fertilizers, which can combat disease and decreasing productivity

Seawater Greenhouse
2017 Catalyst Program

LOCATION: United Kingdom