Community / Economics

2017 Catalyst Program

Thread is a method for sustainable development in Eastern Senegal that highlights social organization as the most moral and efficacious of interventions. It is a method reified and situated in a singular building. This architecture links the alleviation of cultural, agricultural, and economic stagnation, while connecting local and global communities.

Thunder Valley Regenerative Community Plan
2014 Finalist

The Thunder Valley Regenerative Community Plan, born of a collective vision, is implementing a comprehensive strategy to build a locally owned and operated housing development in the geographic center of the Oglala Lakota Nation, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Transition to a Low-Carbon Future
2012 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Transition is a social experiment on a massive scale. In just five years, 870 Transition initiatives in 34 countries have started to develop community-scale resilience to the energy and climate challenges ahead. We want, now, to catalyze and deepen take-up of the Transition innovation approach.

Una Hakika
2016 Finalist

The Sentinel Project has developed Una Hakika: a hybrid of communications technology, social insight, and beneficial use of social media. The project leverages both online and offline “informational architecture” to de-escalate conflict.

Villa Corintios
2017 Semi-Finalist

Solve the problem of low-income people's settlements in mega- and developing cities. Create urban designs and sustainable housing that can be used as regional and global plans to meet socio-economical, environmental, material needs, as well as integrated waste management, water and energy supply requirements. They'll offer safety against natural disasters.

Waterbank Schools
2016 Finalist

PITCHAfrica identifies the need for water as a critical global problem, and transforms community dynamics by offering an elegantly simple solution. In a nested way, this design intervention is at once a social, educational, medical, environmental, and economic intervention.

ZERI Network and Sanctuary Asia
2016 Semi-Finalist

ORGANIZATION NAME: The Blue Economy Initiative

LOCATION: Assam State, India