North America

2017 Catalyst Program

WattTime writes software that lets smart devices prioritize electricity from clean/renewable sources. It's free, instantaneous, extremely scalable emissions reduction. Moreover, this technique also smooths renewable energy fluctuations. So if widely installed, this software will also finally make 100% renewable energy grids possible - essentially implementing Fuller's own "global power grid" concept.

2010 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: The research will test geosynthetic landscape systems to support human development in tropical regions simultaneous to critical mangrove biological processes.

World Game Beta
2009 Semi-Finalist

“I always say to myself, what is the most important thing we can think about at this extraordinary moment” —Buckminster Fuller

2015 Catalyst Program

Environmental Health Clinic (xCLINIC) designs strategies to diagnose and solve environmental issues as health issues and vice versa. With particular emphasis on low-income urban communities that face high levels of pollution and constrained access to quality nutrition, xCLINIC facilitates accessible, community-driven innovation that improves neighborhood air, water, and nutritional quality.

Your Own Democracy
2009 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY:"The proposal respectfully submitted to the Buckminster Fuller Challenge represents the conceptual intent of the initiative. YOUROWNDEMOCRACY.ORG is conceived to be a new non-partisan tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mandate is to implement, maintain, and continue to innovate the described system in this proposal.