North America

BK Farmyards
2009 Semi-Finalist

BK Farmyard reconnects farmers and consumers as co-producers of the landscape and food culture. The strategy takes advantage of the existing urban fabric of Brooklyn neighborhoods to reclaim privately held green spaces as farms.

Boston Ujima Project
2017 Catalyst Program

THE BOSTON UJIMA PROJECT is a democratically governed multi-stakeholder organization, building a community-controlled business and finance ecosystem in Boston. We are challenging poverty and developing our communities by pooling our investment, consumer and political capital, to grow local wealth and ownership while meeting our own needs.

2017 Catalyst Program

BoxPower seeks to facilitate off-grid electrification in low-income rural populations by providing consumers with hybrid renewable microgrids. Our hope is that our energy systems plug-and-play units built around standard 20 ft. shipping containers will help lay the foundations for a sustainable future, starting with the most economically vulnerable populations.

Bronzeville Line Urban Energy (B.L.U.E.)
2015 Catalyst Program

Our solution is creating community based renewable energy and urban agriculture on a vacated rail and electric substation. The structures are brownfield and create areas of refuse collection, vagrancy and danger to local children. The project provides an opportunity for our local community to contribute to renewable energy.

Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm
2017 Catalyst Program

In an effort to make our rooftop farms as ecological as possible, the Brooklyn Grange team will design and build a water capture system that collects and stores rain and irrigation water on the roof surface, rather than letting it go down the drain.

Built for Zero
2017 Catalyst Program

Built for Zero, an initiative of Community Solutions, works with 70 communities across the United States to help them end chronic and veteran homelessness.

Bullitt Center
2014 Catalyst Program

The six-story, 50,000 square foot Bullitt Center opens a window into the future by showing how healthy, comfortable, ultra-efficient and sustainable an urban office building can be. It produces more energy from rooftop solar than it uses; meets its water needs from rain; creates no municipal sewage; and is toxic-free.

Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab
2017 Catalyst Program

Buoyant Ecologies is a collaborative research platform that synthesizes architectural design, marine ecology, and digital fabrication to explore new approaches to constructing resilient waterfront structures. The project's ambition is to develop compelling strategies for designing and fabricating scalable resilient coastal structures that enhance the biodiversity of the surrounding ecology.

Carnot-Equivalent Stirling Engine and Heat Pump
2009 Semi-Finalist

Our purpose is to bring about a revolution in the efficiency of energy production and consumption by addressing the fundamental problems of engine and heat pump inefficiency.

City as Living Laboratory
2014 Catalyst Program

Founded by artist Mary Miss, City as Living Laboratory is building a replicable FRAMEWORK for innovative artists of all disciplines to lead collaborative teams that address the pressing environmental challenges of our time, activated through place-based experience to make sustainability personal, visceral, tangible, and encourages citizen and governmental action.

2010 Semi-Finalist

CITY SINK is a meta-park of dispersed landscape Infrastructure boosting carbon stocks in both short - term biomass storage and through formation of long- term sequestration reservoirs for soil organic carbon in New York City. Urban-landscape is reshaped into apparatus, empowering citizens to affect global ecologies through civic practice.

Civic Ads: Public Smart
2009 Semi-Finalist

"Civic Ads: Public Smart” is a bold proposal based on the assumption that public space should claim civic content in the urban iconography, and that already situated networks of communication technologies provide a compelling infrastructure for ecological and socially responsible information.

Clean Energy Moonshot
2015 Catalyst Program

Clean Energy Moonshot is a new system for renewable energy production, management, and distribution that disrupts centralized monopolies by empowering communities to create their own energy. It addresses the need for a rapidly scalable implementation of renewable energy - a critical but currently unavailable component of the fight against climate catastrophe.

Climate Solutions Project
2009 Semi-Finalist

We began thinking about an effective, large-scale intervention in May 2007. We impaneled expert advisors in climate science, economics, ethics, social science, and social marketing, and the CDC funded our planning conference in February 2008. NOAA funded a meeting of experts to assess public attitudes about climate change.

Co-Op Power
2012 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Co-op Power’s innovative cooperative business structure builds sustainable energy solutions for its members and communities.

2010 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: ColaLife harnesses sea-changes in corporate social responsibility and mobile-based micro-payments, proposing its AidPod distribution system, allowing local health agencies to make simple low-cost life-saving health supplies and awareness materials, ubiquitous, well-understood and easily available in the developing world, over-coming current transport, logistical and co

Coral Vita
2017 Catalyst Program

Coral Vita farms corals to restore dying reefs. We grow corals up to 50x faster while strengthening their resilience against climate change. By revitalizing biodiversity, boosting fisheries, sheltering shorelines, and strengthening local economies, we can help preserve coral reefs and the valuable benefits the provide for over 1B people globally.

Dreaming New Mexico
2009 Runner-Up

Dreaming New Mexico is a bold, visionary and tangible methodology and tool kit for bioregional restoration applicable locally and globalocally. It addresses the systemic nature of restoration of natural and human systems, including governance and the restoration economy.

Earth Awards
2008 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: I propose to build and launch such a system which I devised and filed patent for several years ago -- a computer aided design (CAD) system for the collective design and funding of the highest ROI mechanisms for directing human effort and attention known: prizes, contests, and mass incentives.

2015 Catalyst Program

As the German word for tax is "Steuer," meaning "to steer," we develop a tax system for any land area, organized in watersheds, that "steers" the taxed away from depletion of resources, including soil and water, towards revitalization. Today's huge amounts of civil-satellite data, with many spectral readings, are mobilized.