2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: The QuaDror Universal Joint is a new space truss geometry, lending itself to a wide scope of applications. This innovation presents great structural efficiency and tremendous potential for a didactic solution to the global issue of habitat. QuaDror Homes provide integrated design, preserving the organic diversity of cultures and ecosystems.

Seawater Greenhouse
2017 Catalyst Program

LOCATION: United Kingdom

Slow Money
2014 Semi-Finalist

Slow Money catalyzes the flow of investment capital into local food economies and place-based enterprises in North America and Europe, seeking to “bring money back down to earth” through communications, education, convenings, investment clubs, liaison services, and shared learning networks.

Smart Floating Farms
2016 Catalyst Program

Implement a series of non-pollutant Multi-layered floating platforms at a local and potentially global level, which can bring healthy food production closer to dense populated areas based on clean energy. These could be located specially in areas with food-risk associated problems, lack of land ,arid regions, water scarcity, massive food imports or monsoon floodings.

Synchronicity 2: Public Water Purification Island
2010 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: The island is a floating platform with nine outdoor fitness machines pumping polluted Vistula water through four filters to a basin placed in the center of the island giving drinkable water. The platform will be floating on Vistula river in the center of Warsaw.

Szövetség 39
2014 Catalyst Program

LOCATION: Budapest, Hungary

SUMMARY: "CALTROPe is an answer to the coastal land loss caused by sea level rise. With CALTROPe we aimed to create a holistic, socially involving, future-oriented and innovative architectural solution responding to this diverse problem. We are focusing on river deltas, one of the most threatened areas.

The Copenhagen Wheel
2011 Catalyst Program

A new strategy for sustainable mobility, The Copenhagen Wheel project aims to turn any city into a cycling-city. Our holistic solution is a new type of electric bike, and associated mobile applications - helps riders overcome topography and distance, fosters a cycling community, and supports long-term transportation and environmental policy decisions.

The Living Building Challenge
2012 Winner

The Living Building Challenge defines the highest possible level of environmental performance, envisioning a built environment that is fully integrated with its ecosystem.

The Loowatt System
2013 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: The Loowatt System, a self-contained human waste collection and processing system that, rather than being faced with the typical costs of centralized sewage treatment systems, creatively converts human waste into energy and fertilizer, improving local health conditions, while providing economic opportunity.

The Portable Light Project
2012 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Portable Light provides adaptable solar textile kits that enable the world’s poorest people to sew and weave bags, clothing and blankets that harvest energy. Portable Light strengthens local craft cultures to create diverse energy-producing communities with access to mobile networks that are transforming global health care, education and businesses.

The S.A.T. Project
2010 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Megacities around the world are facing similar syndromes, fragmented urban landscapes, high infrastructure investments, social unrest in dense city cores, rural-urban migrations, among others, while following traditional transportation schemes and applying the latest IT solutions to administrate increasing traffic congestion, while issuing urgent policies to tackle its

Transition to a Low-Carbon Future
2012 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Transition is a social experiment on a massive scale. In just five years, 870 Transition initiatives in 34 countries have started to develop community-scale resilience to the energy and climate challenges ahead. We want, now, to catalyze and deepen take-up of the Transition innovation approach.

Translated Geometries AutoShelter
2015 Catalyst Program

Physical spaces are static and not optimized to their context. Our initiative is a transformable, transportable envelope able to adjust to constantly changing users' needs. Offering an optimized design to environmental conditions it generates a self-sustainable system. Thus, it constitutes a dynamic sheltering solution to evolving heterotopic spaces, like refugee-camps.

Urban Rigger
2017 Catalyst Program

Urban Rigger is the first floating, carbon neutral housing constructed from upcycled shipping containers and designed for mass production, with the goal of creating an affordable alternative to the rising housing prices in major cities. Multiple units can be configured to fit any port organization, allowing for maximum flexibility.

Water Retention Landscape of Tamera
2012 Honorable Mention

The Water Retention Landscape is a model for natural decentralized water management, restoration of damaged ecosystems and disaster prevention. It is a basis for reforestation, agriculture and aquaculture, especially in regions threatened by desertification.

2017 Catalyst Program

A Growing Culture (AGC) supports farmer innovation movements around the world by facilitating knowledge exchange at a local level. Our mission is to advance a culture of famer autonomy and agroecological innovation. We manage the Library for Food Sovereignty, a community-led initiative aimed at leveraging local solutions.

Wheelchairs of Hope
2016 Catalyst Program

We developed a children design-oriented affordable wheelchair for less developed environments.

WikiHouse Commons
2015 Catalyst Program

WikiHouse is an open source building system. We are building a digital commons, where all designers, inventors & users collaborate to develop and share high-performance, low-cost, low-energy building solutions that are then owned by everyone. These solutions can be downloaded, locally 'printed' and self-assembled to make sustainable, resilient, affordable homes.