Synergy of man and land
2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Promoting health and the environment through synergy of man and land"" is the motto of Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation. It aims to improve the environment and people’s health by introducing local resources by local impoverished people, building a free clinic, and a school for the children.

TBS River Regeneration
2013 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: TBS River Regeneration works to restore river systems and local rural economies in India by drawing from ancient water wisdom, empowering local communities to build small traditional rainwater harvesting structures (johads) as well as by developing local and national awareness and education programs.

The Great Urban Challenge - Cebu
2016 Catalyst Program

The Great Urban Challenge is a multi-stakeholder approach to urban revitalisation via city-wide pocket park strategy. It aims to combat urban decay through the collaborative work of the youth, private and public sectors for cities who face economic constraints on building public spaces.

The Green Initiative
2010 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: The Green Initiative is a social venture to increase the self-sufficiency of NGOs in the developing world through clean, affordable, reliable, and sustainable fuels.

The Loowatt System
2013 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: The Loowatt System, a self-contained human waste collection and processing system that, rather than being faced with the typical costs of centralized sewage treatment systems, creatively converts human waste into energy and fertilizer, improving local health conditions, while providing economic opportunity.

The Portable Light Project
2012 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Portable Light provides adaptable solar textile kits that enable the world’s poorest people to sew and weave bags, clothing and blankets that harvest energy. Portable Light strengthens local craft cultures to create diverse energy-producing communities with access to mobile networks that are transforming global health care, education and businesses.

Tibet is the High Ground - 3rd Variation
2010 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: The work “Tibet is the High Ground III” proposes an ecologically conceived resolution to the present de-glaciation and subsequent catastrophic outcomes to the 2.5 million square kilometer Tibetan Plateau and the seven major rivers that flow from it through Asia, a bio-cultural approach at the scale of the problem.

Toilets and Taps
2017 Semi-Finalist

An integrated sustainable green solution to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to the rural and urban poor, using technology, backed by capacity building.

2012 Catalyst Program

Wello is a social venture with an ambitious goal: To deliver clean water to a thirsty world. We design and deliver affordable innovations that save time and increase opportunities for people who lack access to water. We design products that people not only need, but want to use.

Wheelchairs of Hope
2016 Catalyst Program

We developed a children design-oriented affordable wheelchair for less developed environments.

ZERI Network and Sanctuary Asia
2016 Semi-Finalist

ORGANIZATION NAME: The Blue Economy Initiative

LOCATION: Assam State, India