2017 Semi-Finalist

SOLARKIOSK intertwines a visionary design-technology with an comprehensive, replicable business model to enable and empower Bottom of Pyramid (PoP) communities worldwide through the ecologically-responsible provision of energy services and products, thus creating a triple bottom-line impact. SOLARKIOSK's solution is the modular, solar-powered business hubb (E-HUBB), easily deployed in the most remote areas.

SPARK Microgrants
2012 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY:Spark MicroGrants catalyzes community-led initiative through proactive small granting. We support under-resourced communities to design, implement and manage their own development. By reassigning responsibility for international aid to the communities themselves we are driving a new paradigm for development where the community is in control of their own future.

SPOUTS of Water
2016 Catalyst Program

LOCATION: Uganda, with potential to replicate in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Sustainable Health Enterprises
2016 Semi-Finalist

SHE, founded by Elizabeth Scharpf, is a successful enterprise currently based in Rwanda and planning to expand into other African nations and beyond. SHE has designed a comprehensive strategy to locally produce eco-friendly pads made from agricultural residue (discarded banana fiber) using no chemicals and very little water.

The African Design Center
2016 Semi-Finalist

The ADC will be an apprenticeship-based institute that will invest in the development of Africa's most creative minds, operate as a hub for innovation and collaboration, and lead African growth through high-impact and human-centered design.

The Loowatt System
2013 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: The Loowatt System, a self-contained human waste collection and processing system that, rather than being faced with the typical costs of centralized sewage treatment systems, creatively converts human waste into energy and fertilizer, improving local health conditions, while providing economic opportunity.

The Nubian Vault Programme
2015 Finalist

Aiming to create comprehensive change in human livelihoods while addressing the critical need for housing across the Sahel region of Africa, the Nubian Vault Programme disseminates an ecologically sustainable, time-tested Nubian Vault construction technique.

The Portable Light Project
2012 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Portable Light provides adaptable solar textile kits that enable the world’s poorest people to sew and weave bags, clothing and blankets that harvest energy. Portable Light strengthens local craft cultures to create diverse energy-producing communities with access to mobile networks that are transforming global health care, education and businesses.

The Toothpick Project
2017 Catalyst Program

The Toothpick Project addresses a critical problem: 40 million African smallholder farmers lose from 20-80% of their maize, sorghum, millet, and rice crops to Striga, a parasitic weed. In Kenya, The Toothpick Project has designed and deployed an ecologically-sound solution: a biocontrol technology using a locally-sourced fungus substance embedded onto a toothpick.

2017 Catalyst Program

Thread is a method for sustainable development in Eastern Senegal that highlights social organization as the most moral and efficacious of interventions. It is a method reified and situated in a singular building. This architecture links the alleviation of cultural, agricultural, and economic stagnation, while connecting local and global communities.

Training Bedouin Women
2008 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: This proposal, spearheaded by Ms. Ilana Meallem, Mr. Mazen Zoabi and the Center for Women's Health Studies and Promotion at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), is an ideal candidate for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, fulfilling as it does the Challenge criteria.

Una Hakika
2016 Finalist

The Sentinel Project has developed Una Hakika: a hybrid of communications technology, social insight, and beneficial use of social media. The project leverages both online and offline “informational architecture” to de-escalate conflict.

Urbinsight: The EcoCitizen World Map Project
2015 Catalyst Program

The Urbinsight project connects communities with web-based mapping tools designed to explore and measure holistic urban health from a citizens' perspective. Based on a bottom-up approach to documenting environmental conditions at the neighborhood scale, the project provides tools, training, and knowledge for creating more sustainable, resilient urban environments.

Warka Water
2015 Semi-Finalist

Warka Water (WW) it is a tower designed for social and educational activities with also the function to provide potable water to rural communities facing challenges in accessing this fundamental resource for life. WW provides clean water from the atmosphere under specific meteorological and geographical conditions.

Waterbank Schools
2016 Finalist

PITCHAfrica identifies the need for water as a critical global problem, and transforms community dynamics by offering an elegantly simple solution. In a nested way, this design intervention is at once a social, educational, medical, environmental, and economic intervention.

Wheelchairs of Hope
2016 Catalyst Program

We developed a children design-oriented affordable wheelchair for less developed environments.