Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront Regeneration Plan
2014 Finalist

The Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront Restoration Plan, submitted by Lookman Oshodi of Urban Spaces Innovation in Lagos, Nigeria on behalf of the Makoko/Iwaya Working Group, is a comprehensive master plan for the Makoko/Iwaya community that seeks to preserve local culture, revitalize the built environment with elegant, low-cost housing, increase economic opportunities, and ensure disaster resilience for over 40,000 residents.

Malaria Free Zone Project
2016 Catalyst Program

The Malaria Free Zone Project is run by the organization AIDSfreeAfrica. Using expired bed nets, they construct window and door screens and fit these as mechanical barriers into homes and hospitals. These so called malaria free zones (MFZ) cover the entire house, not just the bed.

Masaai Livestock and Land Management Enterprise
2017 Catalyst Program

We will organize a Maasai Beef Enterprise in our village. Community health and education, water, feed storage, transportation, and herd management are limiting factors. We will address these limitations by boring a well that will be used for culinary water as well as livestock and irrigation water for gardens.

MASS Design Lab
2013 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: MASS Design Lab is a research project of MASS Design Group, exploring the integration of public health, economic development, environmental performance and education into a comprehensive formalized architectural strategy through a rigorous assessment process and immersive community component.

2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Through an open, interactive innovation platform the maternal/newborn health field can made more efficient and effective.

Medic Mobile
2017 Semi-Finalist

Medic Mobile equips community health workers with digital tools to provide better care and reach more people. With our new equity lens people will be able to rapidly assess equity in local health systems and respond at the household level--a precision approach to making healthcare more equitable.

2014 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: moWoza is an supply chain and money management solution for grassroots SMEs and low income communities in emerging markets that can be accessed via the mobile phone.

Mukuru Biocentres
2009 Honorable Mention

The Mukuru BioCentre concept is a biogas generating latrine block, managed by community groups, which can be located anywhere in a slum as it treats human waste in-situ without requiring sewerage infrastructure.

2012 Semi-Finalist

Nexii builds the bridges to connect impact investors to high impact investment opportunities in world changing initiatives. We aim to make impact investing a reality at scale by improving the infrastructure, expanding effective intermediation networks and establishing the meeting places for investors and impact investments.

Nuru Energy: Rural Energy Entrepreneurship
2012 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Nuru aims to replace kerosene lamps in rural households without electricity by offering the world’s most affordable off-grid light ($6) charged by a pedal-powered generator, the POWERCycle. We establish a network of POWERCycle-equipped entrepreneurs who sell lights and recharge them for a small fee, saving customers 85% over kerosene.

2017 Catalyst Program

SUMMARY: Oorja is a for-profit social enterprise based in India, simultaneously addressing the challenges of energy access and reliability, climate change and gender equity. Oorja is a project developer and technology integrator of solar PV and hybrid solar/biogasification smart mini-grids of 10–50 kW in off-grid and underelectrified rural areas.

2017 Finalist

OpenAQ fosters a far-flung series of grassroots networks that fight “air inequality” by building and using the only global, real-time, and historical, open-air quality data platform in the world, aggregating data from, so far, 47 countries and more than 5,400 ground stations.

ReThink DRC
2014 Catalyst Program

ZeroFly Livestock is the first insecticide-incorporated screen that keeps livestock healthy and productive by reducing the impact of nuisance and biting flies, such as tsetse flies, which are the vector of trypanosomiasis (also known as sleeping sickness or Nagana).

Sahara Forest
2009 Semi-Finalist

LOCATION: Norway and Jordan

2010 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Samasource enables marginalized people to receive life-changing work opportunities via the Internet. We provide microwork, technology's answer to microfinance. By training women, youth and refugees to complete paying remote tasks, we give them the ability to build livelihoods and become part of the digital economy.

Sandele Eco-Retreat and Learning Centre
2015 Semi-Finalist

Sandele Eco-Retreat and Leaning Centre is a unique eco-tourism project in the politically and logistically challenging environment of South Gambia in West Africa. It is exemplary not only in its passionate dedication to regeneration, sustainability, wildlife protection, renewable energy, the use of natural building materials, and local citizens' education and personal development, but in its unusual commitment to transferring ownership to the local people.

2011 Semi-Finalist

SUMMARY: Sanergy builds healthy, prosperous communities by making safe sanitation, accessible and affordable for everyone, forever - starting with the urban slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

Sanitation Social Enterprise
2016 Catalyst Program

LOCATION: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

SUMMARY: This project wasevaluated as a highly impactful, integrated model amongst other sanitation solutions. Sanitation Social Enterprise is simultaneously: improving sanitation in Dar es Salaam; recycling human waste into fertilizer; creating job opportunities; and educating the public.

Seawater Greenhouse
2017 Catalyst Program

LOCATION: United Kingdom

Sistema Biobolsa
2017 Finalist is a Mexican social enterprise founded in 2010, the enterprise provides comprehensive biodigester installations for small farmers to support energy independence, reduce pollution and support capacity-building. The technology enables small farmers to transform organic waste into methane gas and organic fertilizer, which increases their efficiency, productivity and resilience.