Nancy Jack Todd

Nancy Jack Todd is Vice President of Ocean Arks International and editor of its journal Annals of Earth; co-founder with John Todd of the New Alchemy Institute, which has been at the forefront of work in appropriate-scale technology; author and co-author of many works, including Bio-shelters, Ocean Arks and City Farming. Not only is Nancy Todd well acquainted with the technologies that would lead to a sustainable society in the new millennium, but she is versed in the cultural thinking that underlies and encourages the change in lifestyle necessary to apply those technologies. Trained as a dancer, she is also a perceptive writer and editor. She contributed all the introductory essays to People, Land, and Community: Collected E. F. Schumacher Society Lectures (Yale University Press). Her latest book is A Safe and Sustainable World: The Promise of Ecological Design.

She and John Todd have received the Bioneers Award, the Charles and Ann Morrow Lindbergh Award the Daimler/Chrysler award for design, the United Nations (FUNEP) Award, and the Swiss Threshold Award for contributions to human knowledge.