Open BFI

BFI is committed to opening access to the materials that inform our work. Since its inception in 1983, BFI has worked to activate various communities to engage with Fuller source materials, leverage interest to broadening the understanding of design science principles, offer guided discussions and share original writings by, about or related to Buckminster Fuller. Open BFI provides ways to engage with a network of Fuller-inspired practitioners and ensure access to resources and educational tools on comprehensive design science

Study Center

*** The BFI Study Center is currently closed as we move offices! ***

Dymaxion Reading Group

The Buckminster Fuller Institute was thrilled to have launched the Dymaxion Reading Group in 2015. Stay tuned for the next sessions, but in the meantime, listen to the recordings of our discussions on "Operating Manual" and "Critical Path".

Fiscal Sponsorship

Through our Fiscal Sponsorship program, BFI supports and incubates small independent projects and programs that align with our mission and programmatic goals. Explore the projects we currently sponsor and learn bout previously sponsored initiatives!


BFI works closely with the Estate of Buckminster Fuller for licensing partnership with copyright material in order to open up the archive of Fuller to the public.