We seek to honor the legacy of R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) and continue his effort to make the world work for all of life, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation.

Design Science

Buckminster Fuller developed the new discipline of Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science to support a whole systems approach to “make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest time possible.” We are expanding this work, making it available in new ways, and actively applying it to urgent global challenges.

BFI Design Lab

BFI Design Lab is a non-profit design studio and accelerator that is actively supporting world changing initiatives addressing core issues including climate, biodiversity, energy, food, water, and shelter. BFI Design Lab provides a range of support for project teams applying design science in regenerative, inclusive, commons-based, verifiable, and achievable ways.

Bioregional Resilience & Regeneration

During the 1960s, Buckminster Fuller developed the World Game as a comprehensive peacemaking response to the war games of the time. In this spirit, BFI is working with exceptional partner organizations to provide support to regions around the world that are actively leading their own regeneration processes. This capacity includes four key work streams: geospatial knowledge systems; comprehensive solution inventories; visualization and scenario building; and aligned bioregional investment platforms.

Syntropy Fund

Syntropy is a term coined by Buckminster Fuller to reflect what life does – self-organize in a way that supports diversity, complexity, and transformation. BFI is currently developing the Syntropy Fund to support projects emerging from the BFI Design Lab, Bioregional Resilience and Regeneration initiatives, and Massive Action that require innovative forms of post-extractive investment.


Regenerosity’s purpose is to accelerate regenerative practices by mobilizing resources and technical support for high-potential projects including previous applicants to the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Regenerosity was incubated at BFI from 2018-2023 and is now an independent project fiscally sponsored by BFI.

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge

A comprehensive history of the solutions prize program that inspired the world and a curated “best of” entries archive.

Fiscal Sponsorship

BFI provides fiscal sponsorship and incubation services for select strategically aligned projects with massive potential.

Who We Are

BFI is dedicated to the realization of R. Buckminster Fuller’s vision of a world that works for 100% of humanity.

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