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At this urgent moment — when the failure of politics continually dominates the headlines — we invite you to join us in exploring far more effective ways of addressing the interconnected challenges facing humanity.

Buckminster Fuller devoted much of his life to demonstrating the power of an alternative to politics. He called this comprehensive anticipatory design science, which, in typically precise fashion, he defined as:

“...the effective application of the principles of science to the conscious design of our environment in order to help science make the Earth’s finite resources meet the needs of all humanity without disrupting the ecological processes of the planet.”

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Design science is committed to new forms rather than political reform,” Bucky said.

BFI identifies, supports, and promotes real-world projects and initiatives that demonstrate the urgent need for comprehensive problem-solving. The annual Fuller Challenge prize, our educational programs, and our community engagements are all designed to foster whole-systems understanding and strategies.

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